Thursday, December 22

Pashmina's&Pins: For my lovelees

Salam :)

     I made this video in dedication to my two little sweethearts (although, in physical reality I'm much more...err, petite). Because one of them called to ask me over the phone, I felt that this video is the least I could do for her. So yes Nadia, I'm very sorry I haven't been responding to your calls or texts. Call me a jerk too if you wish. I deserve it. And as much as you might think that I am avoiding you, I am not U__U please believe me?

We really are that busy here at PASUM. I just wish I could make it up to you. This goes the same to you too Nur Izleen! :) I love you two dearly and hope you girlies enjoy this video :) hugs&kisses.

Commento plish?

Thursday, December 15

Noob of the Day

Salam :)

Today was perfectly disastrous, tiring, NOOB-Y however fortunately satisfying. I slept at nearly 2am last night to complete my project report; and as if you can't already guess, no of course it's not done, yayerz -_-  So stressed out that these past few days (more to few weeks) I've been having a mental breakdown which eventually went physical. No, I didn't scar myself with a kitchen knife okay, aku takde lah jahil sebegitu bhai. I  only cried. puih. 
Loser, much?


Tentative of Noobness:
1. During Chemistry lab today, I was careless enough to break a measuring cylinder even before the apparatus were set up.

2. I couldn't reach the end point. My solution inside the conical flask seemed forever-colorless. Turns out, I mixed in two completely different solutions which both were acids, HCl and CH3COOH.

3. I was all 'into-it' when pouring the Acetic acid into one of the test-tubes and when it plopped in, some splashed drops on my face. I thought my skin would've come out but then someone reminded that it was only weak acid.

4. Once the experiments were safely done and I was cleaning out the test-tubes, mixtures of two different solutions (don't know which, though) let off something pungent which I inhaled- unprepared - I nearly smacked my head against the table from nearly fainting. Okay, exaggeration. Still, it wasn't funny.

5. I had to take away my lunch and eat it upstairs. With great confidence (I spoke loud enough), I said,
 "Bang, Nasi Mambang satu! Bungkus!"
This made the person next to me turn her head 180 degrees and asked, "Nasi apa?
Looking at her face mockery all over it, I looked over to the menu,
Nasi Ambang Batu Pahat RM3.50
And you can pretty much guess what happened next.


This morning's lecture lasted merely 2 hours. Typical, half the class went to visit Peter in Never-Never Land. As soon as she decided to end the lecture, Dr Fatimah called out a few names; moi, included! 
because I did well enough for my Economics paper last semester's final exam, our lecturer was too generous that each of the five of us received "senaskhah" Al Qurranulkarim :)

This made my day.

Tuesday, December 6

Maybe It's Just Me.

Salam :) 

   So I've been thinking, is it true when they say if you dream about someone in particular, the person actually misses you? #kononfakta And is it believable that love between human beings actually exist? #Ireallydontknow. Well not anymore, that is. Yeah, it's that time of life where I tend to reminisce - a lot - about my life. It's the time where I frequently think about (unnecessary, maybe?) things that secretly, it's tearing me down into pieces. We all go through that, don't we? Or maybe it's just me -_- I don't know. I feel like such a loser for feeling so.

The other day I planned on visiting my best friend who currently is doing her CAT at UITM Shah Alam. Hell yeah, I was excited. But then,
Things never work out these days, do they? 
Or maybe it's just me -_-

   Turned out, her mom came to visit the day I initially thought would be my best. I had to cancel it all. Seeing that she felt guilty, I felt even worse. For making one of the most important person to me feeling bad for herself, especially when you've known each other for more than half a decade. To me, that's an accomplishment :) Don't know about you ladies though, but I think having that one special friend instead of a whole frickin "possie" is a lot more helpful in times of you feeling like crap the whole time.

   Forgetting all the crap I've written in the above, I just got my final results yesterday! 
*note the not-so-happy tone* 

I'm not being ungrateful, because truly that is not the case. I'm just saying that maybe I was either feeling a tad bit overconfident or I simply thought that I should've gotten better outcome. I don't know. I was a bit too upset seeing those around me scoring four-point-oh's and me, well. I didn't. At first, they were understanding about it and tried not to rub it in other's faces, but just moments after that I felt like I was just as secluded. Again, it might've just been me -_-

But that's okay :) 
I'm trying to be happy with myself, and alhamdulillah someone really did help me overcome the sh*tty feeling. Thanks Kak Yana(again, lol), because you've opened my eyes and heart again to a world I sometimes feel like I don't really belong to; and of course to others who tried, lol. and Dad who always made me feel better after a phone call. For now, I'm wondering about this other person who so far, I've dedicated a lot of my time and feelings for and well, the message is:

Where are you?
And why do I feel like you're not really there ?

Or maybe it's just me -_-

Sunday, December 4


Salam :) 

I now realize that my previous posts were highly loaded with amateur contents and for that, I am ashamed of myself. Thus, this triggers me to be the mature person I really am. er, *heh heh heh?
-_- Have fun blogwalking! :)

The Writer herself.

Monday, November 14

Pashmina's&Pins: Casual for Class


Well hello girlies,

I've been meaning to do this for quite some time now, and I've finally made my videoo! Yipee! 
At first I was scared to really make one considering the many vloggers out there who you are more recognized to and they themselves now are 'public figures', sorta. So anyways, I've made this one for those who've asked me or came up to me in my room or wherever(alot at college la).

This look is inspired by,..well, I don't really know. haha! A bit of this and that there, and voalah! I made it my own, I guess. However, there are some steps of this style that you may find other vloggers "doing" too. But that's just it you know. The world is pretty small.

So, you can pretty much catch me wearing this style back at UM or PASUM or just the RC areas and so on so forth. It's the easiest look! 

Plus, it's not too messy like some you've witnessed others kan? #perasanbetul 
Commento seel vo play? (:

Monday, November 7



Since yesterday, our family meme dok bole duduk diye *kelantanese accent tak jadi*.
And I guess it isn't too late for me to wish a Happy Aidiladha to all Muslims, may Allah cherish your coming years with His Love and Blessings (:

Today mom dengan berjaya dan alhamdulillah-nye, berjaya mengendalikan Majlis Khatam al-Quran for my sister, Adrina. She said that this was something she wanted to do since, err. dah lama lah dia plan :) lol. So, syukur hari ni terlaksana juga. hew hew. Bak kata Mummy,

" Dulu, ibu takde nye dapat macam ni. So, Alhamdulillah lah dapat buat for your sister" 

Today's majlis involved lots and lotsa foooooddd :) 

mom and her friends, our neighbors pun.
Yeah, it's like everybody loves Raymond. except,...there's no Raymond. #tahell?

No, actually semalam lagi lah memenatkan. I was on a "masak, kemas, then masak lagi, kemas lagi" basis. Couldn't complain I guess, balik rumah pung sekali sekala meh (: And, yeah I know I'm supposed to be posting that macaroon recipe-which I will, not just yet-that some people have requested. Therefore, I apologize. There were some "technical" problems. 

Le new style le me wear, currently. Don't ask by who, I created it. Aku main lilit, pusing-pusing dan pin sendiri. 
and, VOALAH!

let me know what you think? 
*tweeting is much more efficient than wall-ing me, thanks muachs!

Friday, October 28

Finally :D

Salam :) 

First and foremost,
to my dearest raisin! 

   I know we haven't been in contact, like, thoroughly due to both of our busy schedules and truthfully,
I feel sad about it :( tapi biasalah, nak SPM lagi hardcore maa, awak tu kena jaga diri elok" nak exam ni, never think that at this point, nothing is worth doing. Everything is, really. Although it might sound corny and all that I'm wishing you like this, I still hope that you do remember me at times ( lol ) and it puts me at ease knowing that someone else is there with you dekat oh Semesta SBT tuu. hew hew.

   So happy 17th dear Raz Iskandar Hakim, I hope even with your temporary 'occupation', you still would have the time to sit back and enjoy your special day :) All the best with your exam, or trials. I miss ya, hope to see you soon! 

So, some might wonder where I've been hibernating for this past almost-a-month, and..some might not even care. but whatever. Heck yeah, I've been busy. Today was our second last paper, Microeconomics. 
God Only knows the relief! 
Yet again, there are still stressing matters that well, when I think about it freaks me out. This applies to from before our Final Exam week began until now -because;

1) I had my Final Project to complete.
   During this 3-week period, I think I almost went bald. yes, botak! banyak betul dugaan U__U
The task was to make an animation- hand drawn! phew, if I were DaVinci that would be lemon squeezy. However, I live in my sad sad world, reality. #sigh

So this was my very,very first animation video and as you can clearly witness, tak matang kan? 
I mean in terms of editing and shots lah whatnot. How was I to know we were to be tasked to do something that involves taking 300 shots of our own drawings? kalau tsha tahu, ada lah rasa nak bawak stand kann. sigh again.
Alhamdulillah, although I wasn't granted any awards that night or dapat title Best Animation, I was nominated for the 6 best drawings. hee :) That paid off,  I guess since this project took me 2 frickin and arsh-biting days to complete. bajet tak? hik hik *nada gedik*

2) I had my Architectural Drafting papers to redo.
Redo means to re-do the assignment, yg mana my papers were (almost all) B+, officially sad. #sobs
And I guess it was our luck that my group punya lecturer returned our assignments last minute, and there were TWELVE papers in all. Two Fridays in a row I didn't sleep sebab nak siapkan kerja and on the third friday I could only manage 3hours. plus I had this:

Extra assignments, kena buat free-hand. I tak pakai ruler yeuw, ni pung main hantam saja la. Lecturer cakap, just "copy". hmmm, :) scale tarak, apa tarak. belasah jela. Aku ikut sejibik-sejibik kertas brief tu. hew hew.

And to top it all off, tomorrow I have to submit all my assignments in one giant A2 portfolio. and we're binding it this afternoon -__-  which means, malam ni maybe tak tidur lagi sebab nak kena decorate the portfolio pulak. #sigh
Next week, Environmental Studies- LAST PAPER 

After that, ciou cincau :) 
Pray for our success too, please? InsyaAllah.

up next: Macaroon recipe and possibly a tutorial! 

Sunday, October 2


It is her birthday today, and so I texted this to her first thing :) nak call karang mcm nak makan penampaq pulak call orang malam" buta -__- so, I made effort so that she'd read it first thing in the morning before she logs into facebook (which I've already posted on her wall as well hehe, mind you).
Please excuse my non-Shakespeare-ness because I am only able to write simple corny poems which sincerely, comes from my heart :)

Dear mother.
It's your birthday and I just want to say,
That it is through my everyday until today
I pray so that He hears what you wish for
When you blow those candles away,
That He forgives you for the mistakes you've once made.

That He cherishes His love for you & all 
That surrounds you through your decades,

That the doors of Jannah are always wide open
For you to enter as you may,

That every word you say
Provides guidance when I'm lead astray,

That your wajhah gives me inner peace
When I lose my way,

And that your voice summons harmony when
My skies are grey.

Just hold on dear mum,
For the trials will help you gain strength and on that Day,
You would have come to know that you had
The power;
The power to fight through concrete barriers all day.
To withstand our wrongs and silliness,
To endure the pain of any I've caused you to feel.

Happy anniversary dearest mum;
An endlessly working superhuman,
A hero,
A cure to the sick,
A model to most entitled son or daughter,
A beating heart to anyone else whom celebrates and embraces
along with appreciation of the love and care they've been sprayed with since,
The happiness to the sad,
The companion to the lonely,
The lover to the loved.

With love,
your daughter.

Thursday, September 29

Know when she says no.

Salam :)

Harlo, this entry is for the guys out there with those cheesy pick-up lines (because my friend just recently was haunted by a guy who's friggin into her and he tells the whole world about it). eh, no. Cross that, this is for the guys out there with the wrong moves. 

Moves That Aren't Like Jagger

  1. When you like her, you straight away make a move and because your moves are so not like Jagger, you will fail, so to receive the absolute "depressing & sad" response.
  2. When you like her, you tell the gooddamn world so (refer above), this only adds to the virtual distance between you and her and getting together. kesian.
  3. When you like her, you act all 'cool' and 'macho' in front of her,
  4. Yet behind some girls' backs you talk crap and disses her/them like crazayy.
  5. When you like her, you talk about every single awwwsum thing about you to impress her and she ain't even carin. lol.
  6. When you like her, you like someone else too.
  7. You like her, but your ego is bigger than your bootay =,=
  8. When you like her, you like all her facebook photos by giving "interesting" comments i.e. 
# u so kiut lah!
#heyyy prettay, wanna get jiggy wit meh?
#aww, u went to Giant and tak ajak I? mewajuwk lawhh :(

These are only the few things I notice, there are more. just bear in mind yah? ;)

Saturday, September 24

animation, whaat?

salam :)

Berkurun sudah daku meninggalkan kau, and there are several reasons to that. However, I find that it isn't necessary to say how so. So, without further adue let us move on <-- what the crap. 

   I am currently working on my final project for this semester which cuts 40 marks from my entire "portfolio" nanti which furthermore is hand-in required in order for me to bust myself into the design group. Please oh please, God help me out :S 

   I see no future for me IF (may it be true not *Shakespeare tone) I had been put into the non-design group as I would kill the ducks and cats here at 12th college if I must considering the fact that I would have to face new courses accounting Principles of Accounting, Laws and yedda yedda. Therefore, pleasee dear oh darling readers of mine. Thy prayers shall be of big assistance and gratitude :) end of Shakespeare tone. smiley face. 

My storyboard got a good review so far, from tutor "Razman-husband-of-actress-Nadiyatul"
I know, how cool is that? the actress part lah =="

okay, tang ni bukan cheq lukis.
 signature: Azhari Mohd Fuzi 

haha, I capub u. sorray!

Wednesday, September 7

GET OVER IT SISTAH ! (updated)

salam :)

The title for this post is actually, or simply my main point is:
 Don't Hate Your Ex-bf and His Current Ehem 

   Separation is a natural or lumrah matter. Setiap yang datang itu akan pergi, setiap yang pergi itu akan kembali semula. Okay, maybe the second part of the phrase sounds a bit off but you know what I mean. AND setiap yang hidup itu akan mati. So from this, different people tend to interpret it differently. From how I see it, yang "hidup" itu tak semestinya a living thing, however it is still a noun. Yang "hidup" itu does not directly or necessarily refer to human beings, plants nor animals. Relationships are also "living" things, and so when it dies tak patutlah awak nak menangis macam org gila hobo mana entah because that would be entirely inappropriate.

Anywhoo, if you do experience a tragic breakup- let me tell you girlfriend, 
C.H.I.L.L. seriously, cool it. 

   Don't cry tremendously (cuz your face will look totally buruk, trust me. cuz I do) and that there are another 3,248,080,000 males you can smile to :)  hee. nampak macam I ni factual tak? BLEEHHHhehehe. bajet je tu, tp betul lah. It is that number approximately that males cover up from the entire population of the world. But if you have that special someone currently, just cherish the lurrrveee. cehh, mehehe ^^ and don't argue over silly things. However if you do, don't dwell. You'll look back to think that it was something really stupid to fight about, trust mehh :)

   Kenapa perlunya seseorang girl itu membenci tak suka yang amat amat amat sangat ex-boyfie dy? okay, the other way around memang lah ada, but I'm only scoping on the female side rite now. I don't mean that I hate my ex-boyfie cuz I really don't. but it's common that I see this as a typical after-break-up erm, thing. 
   Kammon lah gerlpren, don't be like that maa. I mean, what EXACTLY did he do to make you hate him so much? He killed your mom? your cat? no lemme guess, he broke your nail!?

You see, to hate him after your seperation only portrays how an amateur you are, tak matang. If it's ended, then move on.

One thing of which not many people truly understand is the term forgive.
To forgive doesn't mean you're asking for him to come back crawling to you and ask for a second chance. No, wrong sangat. Forgiving is not that you accept all that he did wrong to you and let him go by just like that. 

To forgive is to put everything that's happened behind and just keep moving forward. end.
-sources: The Oprah Winfrey Show-

   Another typical Malay problem (among teens especially), the girl, yg dah kena dump tu; 
  1. tak puas hati dgn ex-bf  and then ada jugak yang 
  2. pergi benci sekali present girlfriend si ex-nye tu. ya ALLAH.
Maigad nyah, please don't okay?. I think the easiest way to just "let it go" is to try to be a teeeeeeny bit more empathetic. really, would YOU want something like that happening to you? kau baru dgn seorg guy ni, and out of the blue his ex-girlfriend frickin hates you.  Imagine yourself going through that! -__-

End of the world? haha. no, try not to be like that kay darling-darlings out there? Sebagai club-member "Kaum Hawa", don't lower your self-value down as well as along with the rest of the club members' self-values sekali. Look in the mirror, and re-think the benefits of you doing so to others? Ada ke faedah kau nak benci-membenci orang lain? Let me give a hint: NO. k, taa.

Sunday, September 4

sakan beraya?

Salam :)

Alhamdulillah, syukur dengan nikmat-Nya I made it through a whole 29 days of fasting (ceh padahal konpem konpem tak sampai pung 29 hari tu -__-)  and now it's Syawal baby! weweeweeee! :D :D

Two years we didn't celebrate Eidulfitri with the rest of our cousins, uncles and aunts but tahun ni dapat! Ye, saya tahu ni dah raya ke-brape dah? err.,but that only proves more how we cucu-cucu kedua" arwah Hj Mohd. Ali dan Hj Shaharan know how to rock on raya! hew hew. 

No actually, tak pun. kami raya bersederhana. orang lain pulak yg kata kami "raya sakan".

sakan sangat kah? nehhh.

okay maybe yg ni SIKIT lah, I just had to jump on the mini trampoline with acap jugak! ^_^

Personally, I think 2011 is one raya where we don't sakan-sakan beraya when compared to all the other past-years celebrations lah. How we raya; sehari ada lah nak dekat 10 buah rumah kitorg mengunjung. Ini serious okay, meme ada nak sampai sepulo maa. apatah lagi raya dekat Rembau, or Kuala Pilah tu. mak ai nyah, ado sangat mato ekau songkang smpai 3-4 pagi eh! den tak tipu!

-gambar contoh-

Dah, so now my parents dah balik bumi kenyalang balik and I'm left all aloooooooooonnnnee :( 
undeniably, forever alone lah kau ni tasha. 
face it.

and I had a great time at last night's BBQ, thanks dear 
right! kita lupa nak bergambar. AGAIN == 
haww, gambar raya takde :'(

Sunday, August 21

when I thought everything on my homework list was crossed,

Salam :)

Yes, relatively OBVIOUS to the post title; just when I thought everything on my homework list was crossed.

It wasn't.

   Oh boohoo tasha, you now have no life. SO, just make the best of your no-life-ness -__- When I thought I wanted to complete the last Trigo tutorial, the questions became, ugh. Can't say it, tak baik. ILMU- kena hormati :) When I thought my fb notifications stopped coming in,
heck no, it didn't.

Nak komen ini lah,

Mahu mengata yang itu dan itu lah,

Biasalah manusia, bila aku upload album baru berduyun-duyun ikan duyung korang nak condemn sana sini. HAHAHA! but whatevah pun, thanks guys! Chilled me back a bit dpt jumpa korg, wahai ex-ex saya ♥ i miss youuuuuuuuuuu!

This is another "post-utk-release-frust-sebab-wifi-seldom-sucks-saya-tak-dapat-continue-project-Zee Avi-saya" hee :) 
The End.

Tuesday, August 16

for you, sweetheart ♥

salam :)

This entry is typed ezpezhially for you sweethearts out there.

  • Argument 1) menipu kalau tasha cakap tasha boleh meng-thankyou semua yg wished
  • Argument 2) I'm way too busy of a lady to do so. cehh. tampar kang?!
Truthfully, I wasn't really expecting for anyone to really, really, really wish. but haktuih, zaman sekarang dkt facebook dah terang tang tang dy tulis TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY. macam lah aku tatau -__- hee. funny. but I guess itulah kegunaan nye, facebook holds the key to the door of birthdays where kalau kau tak hengat bday member bukak je page dy tu. nah, terus teringat. Speaking of which, tadi ada kawan tasha sorg 'terharu' sbb tasha igt birthday dy, in 4 months time. like, exactly 4 months. 

She was like, "yeayyy !! tasha ingt aku punye buffday *rasa nak menangis*"
So I went like, "eh mon, jgn nangis lagi mon!"
She tambah lagi, "terharu yang amat sangat HAHA "

"JGN TERHARU SGT MON :3" <-- I meant this, literally

cricket cricket, padahal.... = . ="

Now, I wonder if I should say to her that hey mon, aku nmpak bday kau dekat profile kau. I know, I'm like zeeeee bestest best friend evahhh! 

 So, anyway. Teharu-ly, mmy roomies celebrated my birthday the previous nite. aww aww, sob sob. Sumpah aku cakap korang nyanyi kuat gila kot, org 2 floor bawah pun denga sekali :) but anyways, thanks gals! I feel appreciated, ceceh. With my parents far away, korang lah replacement family aku. huyoo, ayat boleh jiwang lagi tak? -___- 

Aqsa, sebab kau aku tak dapat nak achieve 100lbs aku -__- ceh, blame org plak. HAHA. but anywhoo, the cakes were faaaabbbbb :)  nasib tak gedempol je aku. hahaa. danke graci merci tacka innaporingge I wish to u ^^

Wednesday, August 10

kenapa boys taknak kawan dengan girls?

salam :)

Hello akhi dan ukhti sekalian<--- cehh, I saw this on the wall of one of my fb groups thingyy. So anyways, kenapa lelaki tanak kawan dgn perempuan? curious enough.

This post relatively is about what happened, has happened and is happening to me right now. I like making friends and I love being friendly. That's just me. I don't know lah kalau ada" je yang nak pandang serong terhadap my "friendliness" kan, but who cares nyah. Sometimes being friends with guys feels better than having girlfriends. sometimes. jangan salah faham, puhleez.

And then again, conflicts just have to menyibuk-nyibuk. Kenapa apabila there's a guy and a girl, and they're good friends, when the guy finds out that the girl actually is "with" someone, he straight away (or gradually) backs off and decides not to let that friendship remain? Okay aku faham lah alasan dyorg: "takut nanti boipren dy marah" , "alamak, red light la weyh. stay awayyyyy, far awayyy!" and so on so forth.
That's just it, I. DON'T. GET. IT.

Oh so kalau dah "berpunya" tak boleh kawan laa?

Is that it? sigh. I don't know whether it's just me who seem to take this matter as something err, that matters? yeah. Because preserving friendships is very, very, VERY important to me. Based on personal experiences lah, I have come to learn that to throw away something so valued with someone who may be a person of great importance is a great shame. bak kata my neighbour se-balcony, "what a waste!" and she's effing right.

In short, I find it sad that this teeny problem even occurs these days. I mean, come on lah. Bukannye korg buat salah pun kalau nak berkawan. It only offends the other person all the more when all of a sudden you neglect him/her without warning. It hurts, really. cehh, touchy plak aku ni. kay, bye. 
Just sharing what I thought ought to be :)

Tuesday, August 9

day 2; 10 day challenge


   SUBHANALLAH, panasnye weyh. serious tak tipu. humid, bahang, and hidung aku constantly sweat'in like a pigh -__- most probably sebab nak hujan, and then bila hujan sejuk sgt lah pulak. mcm duduk London *memetik ayat Nadira Azhar* plak UM ni. haaha nad. seres ayat kau paling best.

1- Finding Nemo
2- Monsters VS Aliens
3- The Emperor's New Groove
4- Lion King I
5- Ratatouille
6- Up
7- The Incredibles
8- The Chicken Run
9- Toy Story 2
10- A Bug's Life
 If you happen to like any of the movies above, please like banyak-banyak entry ini *iaitu these two check-boxes below this entry post :)

Sunday, August 7

not too late is it?

salam :) 

okay macam makcik mereng mana je. First things first, I suppose it's not too late for me to wish kan? So, 

HAPPY RAMADHAN AL-MUBARAK to all muslims anywhere and everywhere!

Bila tengok balik, it seems that I am on the verge of becoming half adult. soon! homaigoshh nyah. tak lama lagi aku pun sama tua dgn Mr. A. cehh, apa kaitan? entah I saje gatai nak letak nama dy dekat sini ^_^ sorry dear.

Haritu Midsem test baru ovaahhh, and it was at first that I thought chances of me achieving a 4 pointer was a possibility! ceceh. but ekkkkk! Huge red light stopped me then and there, on the very last day. last paper.
dear Physics. sigh.

WHY OH WHY. learning the course itself isn't all that hard actually. but idk. I guess numbers just don't like me. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE numbers. Ezpeshially on ze notes. lagi banyak kosong lagi bagus. HAHA. because when you think about it, waktu sekolah dulu pun I could ace the subject (as in dapat A lah sekurang"nye) dekat bahagian essay and paper 3 and all that. Paper 1 mesti kapcai gila. yes, saya tak pandai lah macam kamu-kamu kann. I'm alwaaayyysssss careless. sedih dol. So, Jadi, melayu sikit, bila midsem ni semua soalan keluar objective. matiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. That's all there was to it. ending.

That evening, to celebrate the joy, the girls and I went out. oh girls just wanna have fu-un. okay. I guess when almost every store had SALE SALE SALE on their glass windows, ape lagi. attaaack! and I bought a lil sum'in sum'in which helped -a little- me getting over my physics test :(

Prettaaayyyy ain't it? hee. I know I got good taste. bluekh. happy berbuka semua. and utk siapa yang ada tanya pasal recipe macaroon and what not, nanti eh? InsyaAllah laa. because I don't have it with me right now. kena tunggu cuti or something. kolej babe, manada dyorg sediakan dapur. harapkan cafe jelaa -__-

Friday, July 29

the 10-day challenge!

Salam :)

So, I can't find my sony's usb. cilakas weyh. so for the time being I nak buat mende alah ni, tehehe. Yes, after this I'll go shove my head into my Physics notes okay? -promise-
day one : 10 things about me
1- I look tall in a lot of my photos(yekeeee -__-) but in reality, pictures lie!
2- I am the eldest of my siblings and frankly, not many believe so.
3- I am horribly and deathly afraid of most insects, mainly spiders.
4- Shorter, snobby and "malas-belajar" guys just turn me off. seriously.
5- I don't believe in tremendously handsome guys, Nabi Yusuf is an exception okay.
6- I have already planned my life after graduation (including family matters; kids, home, car).
7- One of my teeth is senget, and I wanna tame it with metal rods. but that idea received many objections -.-
8- I was dumb(stupid really) during my lower secondary years, but worked my ass off for PMR and onwards.okay, maybe not like that. I just didn't understand the concept of exams.tehehe.
9- I loooooooovvvvvveeeeeee chocolate +__+  ie; Bueno & Toblerone.
10- I hate it when I don't understand what I'm supposed to be understanding. ie; others' feelings.

today's project :D

salam :)

I know, I know. I'm supposed to be burying my head behind books rite now -__- tapi apakan daya, setan pemalas banyak betul. I feel like studying at night is more, erm. convenient? pi mampos lah. I just find studying at night lagi best :) kajillion thankyous to Mr. A for accompanying me. hewrhewrhewr. *sukasuka*

Two days and we'll be welcoming a month all muslims wait for all year!
uhuh uhuh uhuh *kuzco dance*

So, on Monday midterm exam starts. dang. I loooovvvveeeee exams. *pruut, terkentut =.="
and oleh itu, saya terpaksa lah menaiki belon pulang ke semenanjung esok! boohoo. sob. dan bersambung dari situ juga, me and mommy dearest membizay-boday kan diri masing" harini. and thank Goodness, our main project jadi. yabedabedoooo! <--this word is from the cartoon series Flintstones but I feel that someone somewhere wrote it on her blog and I tak hengat siapa. so, thankyou Ms. Anon. I "copied" you :)

The macaron/macaroon (which ever yg betul) were supposed to be rosy-baby pink in color. Well, at least they were at first;

Unfortunately lepas kita bako dia dalam oven, they came out sama je macam sang brown ni. Wrong choice of colouring tasha. Next time kita campak warna lain pulak yewp. hee.

And this is what happens when a mom and daughter have nothing else to do. eh, no. It's actually just the mom. HAHA. habis lah gemuk gedempol aku kalau duduk rumah lama-lama -__- nasib baik duduk kolej, tehehe.
yes dear, these are Oreo cupcakes :)

Know what? tasha rasa macam nak share some of our home's fab recipes lah one day. But I think I'll just post those yg senang nak buat. awesome, I know. kan kan? puihh. till then!

Sunday, July 24

home sweet home.

salam :)

I've landed safe and sound, in one piece. I mean who knows, lepas ni naik flight pergi tempat lain plak? CEHH. mimpi" siang je tu <--- typical Malay-English direct translation =.= okay dah, stop it tasha. berangan tak elok.

My flight landed awal tadi, so fortunately dad arrived from Pontianak just about 5 minutes earlier than I did, balik pun sekali harung jela dlm pajero tu. Today This morning was fun! Because sampai je rumah, terus dititah utk ke grocery store.
AGOGO batak dua kali ganda lah aku!
lama tak drive punya pasal, almaklum pasum nggak membenarkan kanak" seperti kami yg masih ber-"P" sit behind the wheel :(

So, we scrambled around The Spring searching for Sofea's bday prezzie, (don't think she reads my blog so takpe lah nak tulis here, the surprise is not ruined) -like a boss- and we terjumpa (seriously terjumpa) an exhibition where the paintings were on sale! Many of the artists are uni students, could be for a charity or something. I was ignorant enough not to look for the name of the exhibition :3 hehe.

And so, this was my 2nd ezeebishon evergh :) happy happy. GC really did teach how to value an artwork. orang lain semua gatai pegang" raba" mende alah tu. tsk tsk.

I arrived home to the sight of warm, toasty pink&green macarons. LIKE A BOSS.

I'll be learning how to make these and Oreo Ice-cream Cupcakes later! :D wish me happy cooking eh?

Sunday, July 17

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

salam :)

 Okay, I'm officially redbeat. bukan redbeat ubi kayu tu heh? ini beat macam telur kena belasah and even wearing my green converse didn't help. huHu, kE$h!aN Kit3W kAn? <--- rewmpeetz gilewr nyah. sila jangan contohi :)

  So today put it short, you can say it was fun. and inspiring, stimulating, motivational, uplifting,capturing, impressive. dah, kasi aku satu theasaurus pun takpe :3 I think that was the purpose to our first trip this semester--> kot, so yeah! tercapai matlamat kita hari ini ye adik-adik. (I know, the picture below is COOL)
I don't know how much the painting costs, but yg penting boleh bayar balik duit ganti rugi equipments rosak yg Pasum belikan tulah. geram nyah.

Because we had to get a move on early in the morning, my alarm clock pun buat main kuali pagi-pagi. Right after I woke Mr. A up, eh tak. salah. DURING the call, I heard azan berkumandang. 

Bangun sebelum subuh siot, bapak cepat aku awalkan jam. or was the azan just a teeny bit late? either one or just both :) hee. orang lain pukul 6 baru bangun, aku dok semang bgn awal. 
"pkul 6" lah sgt kan Mr. Alarm Clock? =.=

So, I was the excited early bird. tehehe, si gedik juga wanted a snap with najla si comel ^^ tp gambar comel ni jugak blur :(

The landscape was amazing and the artwork was mind blowing; it was just simply astounding.

Okay this one was one of the most inspiring because tang ni lecturer GC kami yg painted it. Mr. Hijjas dgn penuh honour nye paparkan this piece dekat his Here Today, Gone Tomorrow exhibition :)

From the trip, I now know that,

AB students are mainly composed of sengalians (a noun for those with sengality in their capillaries).

As well as those who seem to always be, urh... in their highest spirits!

Namun, tidak terlupa juga kepada mereka yg sentiasa focused dan tawaduq :)

bosan kah entry ini? too bad u just frickin read it (-__-)

I have stocks more photos, just that I'm too lazy of an arsh to upload them all. penyek buntot aku duduk lama" depan lappy ni weyh. so, till latah alligatah!

**credits to Hafiz Yusoff's, Azhari Mohd Fuzi's as well as 
Ersyad Arif's photography(and mine too not to forget)
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