Sunday, August 7

not too late is it?

salam :) 

okay macam makcik mereng mana je. First things first, I suppose it's not too late for me to wish kan? So, 

HAPPY RAMADHAN AL-MUBARAK to all muslims anywhere and everywhere!

Bila tengok balik, it seems that I am on the verge of becoming half adult. soon! homaigoshh nyah. tak lama lagi aku pun sama tua dgn Mr. A. cehh, apa kaitan? entah I saje gatai nak letak nama dy dekat sini ^_^ sorry dear.

Haritu Midsem test baru ovaahhh, and it was at first that I thought chances of me achieving a 4 pointer was a possibility! ceceh. but ekkkkk! Huge red light stopped me then and there, on the very last day. last paper.
dear Physics. sigh.

WHY OH WHY. learning the course itself isn't all that hard actually. but idk. I guess numbers just don't like me. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE numbers. Ezpeshially on ze notes. lagi banyak kosong lagi bagus. HAHA. because when you think about it, waktu sekolah dulu pun I could ace the subject (as in dapat A lah sekurang"nye) dekat bahagian essay and paper 3 and all that. Paper 1 mesti kapcai gila. yes, saya tak pandai lah macam kamu-kamu kann. I'm alwaaayyysssss careless. sedih dol. So, Jadi, melayu sikit, bila midsem ni semua soalan keluar objective. matiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. That's all there was to it. ending.

That evening, to celebrate the joy, the girls and I went out. oh girls just wanna have fu-un. okay. I guess when almost every store had SALE SALE SALE on their glass windows, ape lagi. attaaack! and I bought a lil sum'in sum'in which helped -a little- me getting over my physics test :(

Prettaaayyyy ain't it? hee. I know I got good taste. bluekh. happy berbuka semua. and utk siapa yang ada tanya pasal recipe macaroon and what not, nanti eh? InsyaAllah laa. because I don't have it with me right now. kena tunggu cuti or something. kolej babe, manada dyorg sediakan dapur. harapkan cafe jelaa -__-

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