Sunday, October 2


It is her birthday today, and so I texted this to her first thing :) nak call karang mcm nak makan penampaq pulak call orang malam" buta -__- so, I made effort so that she'd read it first thing in the morning before she logs into facebook (which I've already posted on her wall as well hehe, mind you).
Please excuse my non-Shakespeare-ness because I am only able to write simple corny poems which sincerely, comes from my heart :)

Dear mother.
It's your birthday and I just want to say,
That it is through my everyday until today
I pray so that He hears what you wish for
When you blow those candles away,
That He forgives you for the mistakes you've once made.

That He cherishes His love for you & all 
That surrounds you through your decades,

That the doors of Jannah are always wide open
For you to enter as you may,

That every word you say
Provides guidance when I'm lead astray,

That your wajhah gives me inner peace
When I lose my way,

And that your voice summons harmony when
My skies are grey.

Just hold on dear mum,
For the trials will help you gain strength and on that Day,
You would have come to know that you had
The power;
The power to fight through concrete barriers all day.
To withstand our wrongs and silliness,
To endure the pain of any I've caused you to feel.

Happy anniversary dearest mum;
An endlessly working superhuman,
A hero,
A cure to the sick,
A model to most entitled son or daughter,
A beating heart to anyone else whom celebrates and embraces
along with appreciation of the love and care they've been sprayed with since,
The happiness to the sad,
The companion to the lonely,
The lover to the loved.

With love,
your daughter.

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