Thursday, September 29

Know when she says no.

Salam :)

Harlo, this entry is for the guys out there with those cheesy pick-up lines (because my friend just recently was haunted by a guy who's friggin into her and he tells the whole world about it). eh, no. Cross that, this is for the guys out there with the wrong moves. 

Moves That Aren't Like Jagger

  1. When you like her, you straight away make a move and because your moves are so not like Jagger, you will fail, so to receive the absolute "depressing & sad" response.
  2. When you like her, you tell the gooddamn world so (refer above), this only adds to the virtual distance between you and her and getting together. kesian.
  3. When you like her, you act all 'cool' and 'macho' in front of her,
  4. Yet behind some girls' backs you talk crap and disses her/them like crazayy.
  5. When you like her, you talk about every single awwwsum thing about you to impress her and she ain't even carin. lol.
  6. When you like her, you like someone else too.
  7. You like her, but your ego is bigger than your bootay =,=
  8. When you like her, you like all her facebook photos by giving "interesting" comments i.e. 
# u so kiut lah!
#heyyy prettay, wanna get jiggy wit meh?
#aww, u went to Giant and tak ajak I? mewajuwk lawhh :(

These are only the few things I notice, there are more. just bear in mind yah? ;)

Saturday, September 24

animation, whaat?

salam :)

Berkurun sudah daku meninggalkan kau, and there are several reasons to that. However, I find that it isn't necessary to say how so. So, without further adue let us move on <-- what the crap. 

   I am currently working on my final project for this semester which cuts 40 marks from my entire "portfolio" nanti which furthermore is hand-in required in order for me to bust myself into the design group. Please oh please, God help me out :S 

   I see no future for me IF (may it be true not *Shakespeare tone) I had been put into the non-design group as I would kill the ducks and cats here at 12th college if I must considering the fact that I would have to face new courses accounting Principles of Accounting, Laws and yedda yedda. Therefore, pleasee dear oh darling readers of mine. Thy prayers shall be of big assistance and gratitude :) end of Shakespeare tone. smiley face. 

My storyboard got a good review so far, from tutor "Razman-husband-of-actress-Nadiyatul"
I know, how cool is that? the actress part lah =="

okay, tang ni bukan cheq lukis.
 signature: Azhari Mohd Fuzi 

haha, I capub u. sorray!

Wednesday, September 7

GET OVER IT SISTAH ! (updated)

salam :)

The title for this post is actually, or simply my main point is:
 Don't Hate Your Ex-bf and His Current Ehem 

   Separation is a natural or lumrah matter. Setiap yang datang itu akan pergi, setiap yang pergi itu akan kembali semula. Okay, maybe the second part of the phrase sounds a bit off but you know what I mean. AND setiap yang hidup itu akan mati. So from this, different people tend to interpret it differently. From how I see it, yang "hidup" itu tak semestinya a living thing, however it is still a noun. Yang "hidup" itu does not directly or necessarily refer to human beings, plants nor animals. Relationships are also "living" things, and so when it dies tak patutlah awak nak menangis macam org gila hobo mana entah because that would be entirely inappropriate.

Anywhoo, if you do experience a tragic breakup- let me tell you girlfriend, 
C.H.I.L.L. seriously, cool it. 

   Don't cry tremendously (cuz your face will look totally buruk, trust me. cuz I do) and that there are another 3,248,080,000 males you can smile to :)  hee. nampak macam I ni factual tak? BLEEHHHhehehe. bajet je tu, tp betul lah. It is that number approximately that males cover up from the entire population of the world. But if you have that special someone currently, just cherish the lurrrveee. cehh, mehehe ^^ and don't argue over silly things. However if you do, don't dwell. You'll look back to think that it was something really stupid to fight about, trust mehh :)

   Kenapa perlunya seseorang girl itu membenci tak suka yang amat amat amat sangat ex-boyfie dy? okay, the other way around memang lah ada, but I'm only scoping on the female side rite now. I don't mean that I hate my ex-boyfie cuz I really don't. but it's common that I see this as a typical after-break-up erm, thing. 
   Kammon lah gerlpren, don't be like that maa. I mean, what EXACTLY did he do to make you hate him so much? He killed your mom? your cat? no lemme guess, he broke your nail!?

You see, to hate him after your seperation only portrays how an amateur you are, tak matang. If it's ended, then move on.

One thing of which not many people truly understand is the term forgive.
To forgive doesn't mean you're asking for him to come back crawling to you and ask for a second chance. No, wrong sangat. Forgiving is not that you accept all that he did wrong to you and let him go by just like that. 

To forgive is to put everything that's happened behind and just keep moving forward. end.
-sources: The Oprah Winfrey Show-

   Another typical Malay problem (among teens especially), the girl, yg dah kena dump tu; 
  1. tak puas hati dgn ex-bf  and then ada jugak yang 
  2. pergi benci sekali present girlfriend si ex-nye tu. ya ALLAH.
Maigad nyah, please don't okay?. I think the easiest way to just "let it go" is to try to be a teeeeeeny bit more empathetic. really, would YOU want something like that happening to you? kau baru dgn seorg guy ni, and out of the blue his ex-girlfriend frickin hates you.  Imagine yourself going through that! -__-

End of the world? haha. no, try not to be like that kay darling-darlings out there? Sebagai club-member "Kaum Hawa", don't lower your self-value down as well as along with the rest of the club members' self-values sekali. Look in the mirror, and re-think the benefits of you doing so to others? Ada ke faedah kau nak benci-membenci orang lain? Let me give a hint: NO. k, taa.

Sunday, September 4

sakan beraya?

Salam :)

Alhamdulillah, syukur dengan nikmat-Nya I made it through a whole 29 days of fasting (ceh padahal konpem konpem tak sampai pung 29 hari tu -__-)  and now it's Syawal baby! weweeweeee! :D :D

Two years we didn't celebrate Eidulfitri with the rest of our cousins, uncles and aunts but tahun ni dapat! Ye, saya tahu ni dah raya ke-brape dah? err.,but that only proves more how we cucu-cucu kedua" arwah Hj Mohd. Ali dan Hj Shaharan know how to rock on raya! hew hew. 

No actually, tak pun. kami raya bersederhana. orang lain pulak yg kata kami "raya sakan".

sakan sangat kah? nehhh.

okay maybe yg ni SIKIT lah, I just had to jump on the mini trampoline with acap jugak! ^_^

Personally, I think 2011 is one raya where we don't sakan-sakan beraya when compared to all the other past-years celebrations lah. How we raya; sehari ada lah nak dekat 10 buah rumah kitorg mengunjung. Ini serious okay, meme ada nak sampai sepulo maa. apatah lagi raya dekat Rembau, or Kuala Pilah tu. mak ai nyah, ado sangat mato ekau songkang smpai 3-4 pagi eh! den tak tipu!

-gambar contoh-

Dah, so now my parents dah balik bumi kenyalang balik and I'm left all aloooooooooonnnnee :( 
undeniably, forever alone lah kau ni tasha. 
face it.

and I had a great time at last night's BBQ, thanks dear 
right! kita lupa nak bergambar. AGAIN == 
haww, gambar raya takde :'(
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