Monday, November 7



Since yesterday, our family meme dok bole duduk diye *kelantanese accent tak jadi*.
And I guess it isn't too late for me to wish a Happy Aidiladha to all Muslims, may Allah cherish your coming years with His Love and Blessings (:

Today mom dengan berjaya dan alhamdulillah-nye, berjaya mengendalikan Majlis Khatam al-Quran for my sister, Adrina. She said that this was something she wanted to do since, err. dah lama lah dia plan :) lol. So, syukur hari ni terlaksana juga. hew hew. Bak kata Mummy,

" Dulu, ibu takde nye dapat macam ni. So, Alhamdulillah lah dapat buat for your sister" 

Today's majlis involved lots and lotsa foooooddd :) 

mom and her friends, our neighbors pun.
Yeah, it's like everybody loves Raymond. except,...there's no Raymond. #tahell?

No, actually semalam lagi lah memenatkan. I was on a "masak, kemas, then masak lagi, kemas lagi" basis. Couldn't complain I guess, balik rumah pung sekali sekala meh (: And, yeah I know I'm supposed to be posting that macaroon recipe-which I will, not just yet-that some people have requested. Therefore, I apologize. There were some "technical" problems. 

Le new style le me wear, currently. Don't ask by who, I created it. Aku main lilit, pusing-pusing dan pin sendiri. 
and, VOALAH!

let me know what you think? 
*tweeting is much more efficient than wall-ing me, thanks muachs!

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