Monday, January 31

looking through a girl's purse

girls, what do you do when suddenly out of nowhere a masked guy dressed in black; black turtle-neck sweater(most probably if dy pandai bergaya, Padini) and khakis steps up from behind you and then stranggles you with his arm? if it were me i would,
  1. try to scream, but then dy mesti tutup mulut sy kan
  2. jilat tangan dy. eww, might as well taste salty =.=' dont like that.
  3. try to bite him of course! i have veryvery sharp teeth *kaching!
  4. elbow his stomach; but if he has massive hott abs, this would probably not work as much. mr. A, if ur reading this, jgn prasan. dont test ur abs-hardness now.haha! kidding dear^^
  5. PULL HIS HAIR. we girls like that kan kan ? :)

i ta rasa pun i can do all these things. sy kecik dan tulus lagi kudus apetah lagi COMEL, and doing karutan di atas ini mcm mip lah plak. haha.

so, really. apakah yg bole kita lakukan sebagai seorg "wanita" apabila di-ter-attack?
  1. blankkk. smack the guy in the face with your purse lah! if you're a real girl, your purse would be heavy enough to produce a momentum(cehh!) yg cukup to make him go 'oof!'
  2. if your bag is opened-which it's not supposed to-grab your mascara! and poke his eye :) seyes, sy sndri pun penah tercocok, SUMPA pedih! this tip is hard sb u have to think fast (; 
  3. spray your perfume up his nose. but maybe in his eyes pun bole ^^ yes, sy tahu our wangi2 itu penting dan every titis berharga. big deal =.=' beli baru lah.
  4. baling your sikat at him! haha, simple kan. stall all you can if u cannot fight.
  5. tarik your beady  necklace(if sanggup and if murah) and campak atas lantai. if u're lucky, nnt dy wobble wobble and then gedebuk!
  6. pepper-spray. NO, bukan dalam mulut dy lah bijak-.- i dunno lah plak about this since i've never really had the chance to come across pepper-sprays sold in kedai runcits ?
  7. okay, last if nothing works. just runawayyyyy. sy tatau na kasi apa lagi advice sb i sndri pun ta pena kna attack nan masked-men. sbb i have mr. A! is that right? lmao, corny gilaa.but betul la, i cant lie :)

    Friday, January 28

    to my mr. A ^__^

    (your kawan kasi dkt kawan dy kn? haha.)
    You can be the peanut butter to my jelly
    You can be the butterflies I feel in my belly
    You can be the captain and I can be your first mate
    You can be the chills that I feel on our first date

    You can be the
    hero and I can be your side kick
    You can be the tear that I cry if we ever split
    You can be the rain from the cloud when it's stormin'
    Or you can be the sun when it shines in the mornin'

    You can be the prince and I can be your princess
    You can be the sweet tooth I can be the dentist
    You can be the shoes and I can be the laces
    You can be the heart that I spill on the pages

    You can be the vodka and I can be the chaser
    You can be the pencil and I can be the paper
    You can be as cold as the winter weather
    But I don't care as long as we're together

    -Perfect Two, Auburn <3

    glad you 'found' it, dear. haha^^


    i dont know if dkt m'sia ramai kenal this group or not sbb dorg bukan like backstreet boys, or westlife or jonas brothers or wtv else lah. the reason sy na promoto promoto mereka is because i think they're one of those groups without controvs like miley and all those. myk myk scandals and those stupid things they tend to do to attract attention from the press. childish, childish act kan? =.='

    anak bangsa Sweden, (a scandinavian country in northern europe in case kau tataw =P), i just like listening to their songs. description;
    ABBA generation
    kenal ABBA? tahu lagu Mamma Mia? if u do, bodo lah kalau tatau A-Teens sbb each song form their Greatest Hits album hit Top20 kutt and that it'd sold 6mill copies worldwide.*excuse my strong "opinions". they're re-lived ABBA, only they renewed ABBA's songs into our kind of music. originally ABBA Teens, tp lama2 tukar jd's just a shame that dorg dah split in '06 ^^ish, suka suka mereka.
    Dhani, Marie, Sara and Amit ;)

    tak kenal maka tak cinta.
    my faves by mereka;

    this one tade mv, just listen. aww, ta tahan la na dga =(

    things usually would work out :)

    guess what? En. N and i are talking now! lol, thank Allah he doesnt hate me -.- though, sy tadela sure if he'd ever hated me. but it's a progress rite? :) so i say,



    apabila natasha bosan, dy suka punch in her earphones dlm lubang telinga dalam" with volume of 24/30 ^^

    top songs she plays on her pink SONY.

    sy akan pasang ini2 dgn,

    mood "layaaaan":
    Runaway- Bruno Mars
    I'll Back Off So You Can Live Better- feat. JunHyung
    Better That We Break- Maroon 5
    Sorry- Nick Jonas
    119- K.Will feat. MC                 
    Hero- Nickleback
    Back To December- Taylor Swift
    Look After You- The Fray
    Without You- U-Kiss
    Crazy 4 U- SS501
    What Hurts The Most- Rascal Flatts
    You Found Me- The Fray
    Just A Dream- Nelly
    She Will Be Loved- Maroon 5

    mood "pekakkan telinga :)"
    Need You- Travie McCoy
    Firework- Katy Perry             ♪♪
    Soom(breathe)- B2ST
    All The Things You Said- T.A.T.U
    You and I- Park Bom
    Special- B2ST
    This Love- Maroon 5
    Only Girl In The World- Rihanna
    It's Alright, It's Ok- Ashley Tisdale
    Careful- Paramore
    All About Us- T.A.T.U
    She Is- The Fray
    7 Things- Miley Cyrus
    Take Care Of My Girlfriend- B2ST           
    Decode- Paramore
    Harder To Breathe- Maroon 5
    Numb- Linkin Park

    if u listen to these as well, SEPPP! :D :D

    Thursday, January 27

    january rmai bdays oh !

    happy birthday, sadiq
    bebeh, kau dah tua lah. i'm so sorry, aku lambat lagi. haha ^^
    sooooo sorry, aku ta wish awal". i mean, aku tau bday kau jan, tp tatau bpe hb =)
    adakah anda akan turn out mcm ni?
    ke ni?
    how about THIS? :D

    and then, here is my poyo poyo wish to YOU;
    • may kau panjang umur
    • "sihat"kan lah badanmu. and i dont mean makan byk byk
    • dimurahkan rezeki
    • kawen cepat. org tua kawen dulu sblum org muda tau! haha^^
    • all the best in life, cuz :)

    i keep my promise lah.
     tgk lah, bwat peace on the treadmill isnt rocket science? kan kan :)

    till later. ^_^

    Wednesday, January 26

    family nite is always a bash !

    i was going through a few albums in this lappy, gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa byk gmba. ntah bila na cuci pun tatau -__- tgk lah, my superdupergilabapaktrestresverysangat besa punya family :) and this pun baru 2/5 of it. if u cant say that this is one example of a happy family, i dont know what is ^^

    lepasan SPM 2010 sahaja bole amek gmba :)

     and then,.......

    DAD becomes the host.
    *take note his expressions and poses,err.the one in pink !
     Mr. A, this was the time yg i cite of how i ta tahan na gelak tu sb my dad bwat aksi tah pape tah time lucky draw=.=' act, ni baru sikit je gmba. there are more, tp ta larat mehh na upload semua :) i swear, if u were there u would probably join arep aka topek bwat pot kat blkg nan i. fiuhh!
    btw, gmba i kt atas ni lah when i dpt hadiah tu. i'm lucky kan kan?

    kpop menjana tranformasi. yes?

       first thing first, sy bukan one of those kpop lunatics kay? sy minat, dan berpada" :) *ting! i dont like tracking down loads after loads after loads of mv's and have to wait for hours depan lappy. +.+
    sy ambil tahu, bob my head along with the music, nyanyi nyanyi, drool over the korean hotties and that's all. bukan bila jumpa je lagu baru (konon je tu, padahal dah bapak lah lama nye, dy sorang je rasa dy updated), i go

    ahhhhhh! lagu ni lagu ni!
    eiiiii, mv ni baru aku tau.GILA BEST!

    seriously people, stop it. it's gross. well, i dont mind u doing it act, not at all. it only makes u look jakun, syg. we all are pros, aren't we? chillax sudeyh =)

    so di sini sy mau share abit of what i like eh? sbb act, i was gilaa punya sedeyh tahap cipan(sian cipan dpt nma) that the other day i didnt get the chance utk pegi tgk b2st, 4minute and G.Na dtg kl. wuuuuuuuu!
    :'( :'( :'(
    *special thanks to nurul izzati binti mazlan yg telah memberi maklum awal tntg perkara ini.
    plus, JJ and Ian kejam.LOL, i heard them talking to G.Na on sob sob.

    before any of that, let me introduce u to (garrr, geram =P) the one who puts butterflies in my stomach:

    i wanna eat you, YOON DOOJOON.haha, okay i dont.
    err, Mr. A dearest, he's just a fantasy kay? i'll always be your ultimate cheerleader ♥ ♥ ♥

    wah, iloveyou.iloveyou.iloveyou !


    this music video here features my i-want-to-eat-you-doojoon :)
    hell yeah, jelos gila dy cuddly2 nan G.Na.nasib baik cantik
    it's about doojoon and ofcos lah, they were in love and bla bla bla. then one day, he cheated on her. ape lagi? buno diri! ekk, nope.salah.she just lets him go :( doojoon sedeyh, upset upset apa semua. he regrets and they went on with their lives.cehh, idk what happened after that.
    let me translate :)
    I’ll back off so you can live
    Say it directly, looking at me
    Say it looking into my eyes
    Did you just say you wanted to break up?
    Did you want to end it with me?
    (I Know) You probably got a lady
    (I Know) You probably got sick of me
    Even though the tears are rushing to me
    I’ll back off so you can live
    That is all I can say
    I’ll forget you so you can live better
    So that you’ll be happy without me
    The love that you tossed away, you can take it
    Don’t even leave a trace behind and take it all
    Don’t even say you’re sorry
    Don’t worry about me
    Your were lips that which told me that you were going to leave
    Why does it give me a reason to be angry today?
    I need to stop you, the words don’t go out
    And you are already moving far apart
    (I know) You will forget me
    (I know) I will really hate you
    Even though you know everything
    You! The reason I lived
    You! Were all I wanted
    You! It was me who only looked at you
    Why? Why are you leaving?
    Why? Why are you tossing me away?
    If you were going to be like this
    Why did you love me in the first place?
    Do you happen to remember that day?
    That day when we first met
    I still remember it
    The promise you made to me
    That you will only care for me
    That you will only protect me
    That you will only love me
    I believed your lies, I believed it
    Did you really love me?
    I’ll forget you so you can live better
    okay so the translation macam pelik. but if u menghayati, it's sad really. enjoy ^^

    dilemma dilemma.

    this is probably something ALOT of u people out there have not had the experience. sebabnya:
    1. rukun tetangga in semenanjung m'sia isnt as strong as it is here
    2. so, it doesnt happen kat sana lah! doiii.
    3. i have no more reasons to type here.
    continuing: awk mesti pelik kan apa kaitan rukun tetangga? LOL. yes, peliks sikit :) well. this post is about me and my neighbour, en. N. *if he reads this, i never ever EVER intended to bukak ur aib ok? this is just luahan hati perut intestines semua. 

    wuhooooooo! SPM dah habis.
    freedoooommm, freedooomm

    so, yayy. on 20 Dec 2010, tepattepat pukul 10.30am, saya FREE, FREE and FREEEE!
     semua orang in the Dewan Besar SEMESTA ta saba saba na siapkan kertas LK :) ehem, bukan ta suka yeah? kitorg tggu 14 frickin days tau na jawab paper tu? gila apa tunggu lama" lepas budak bio dah bebas dpd cengkaman 'exam-oriented high school student'. tgk dorg melompat" rse na sekeh je. cehhh, sorry ye kawan if awk bace ni. itu dulu. now, sy pun dah habis maa *halo atas kepala sy, npk ta?

    so, dah habis semua tu bla bla bla. ciou dari sekolah, cuti cuti cuti. then balik laa kuching sini
    and then one day.....

    En. N*note, bukan nme sebenar lah!                      [Accept] [Not Now]
    tanda soal.

    he's my neighbour. i accept lah! apa yg na tanda soal lagi?  :) then ktorg start tegur menegur.
    bla  bla bla.
    except for the fact that i couldnt understand what he was saying!? let me tell u, sarawakian is not that easy oh! sumpaa, bes bes lah. tp bila dah shortform, AMEK KAU. =) haha.melongo lah kau dpan lappy kau tu. LOL ^^
    so we talked and talked. and throughout the whole process, i noticed how sensitive he was. i mean when i'd said "chat later", memanglah not necessarily i will be online in the next half an hour or so! haiyaaaa. then when i pg balit*notice, a touch of sarawakian spelling dkt page dy.
    i didnt have access.
    hell yeah, he deleted me! i pun jadi pelik lah kenapa macam tu kan.and this is what happened,

    i dont think we should be friends anymore. sy na borak td, awk ckap awk pg makan.makan lah sgt.

    What?I wasn't lying to u ok.I really was eating and baru skrg na online.I'm sorry if I'm such a bad person to be ur friend.myb I just shouldn't even be here.I don't belong here rite?ayat pancing*

    actually,i dont want u to go back to kl.i kinda like u a lot.but i have a prob,its hard for me to trust girl.(then dy story2 lah about his past, made me feel guilty.sorta.)
    sy tanak suka mana2 ppuan,...(and more, more of that i couldnt translate of)

    for the moment that was it. i ta sempat na balas apa2 pun dy dah send lagi myk2 message.
    good so sorry k.its already 4 a.m but still i cant get some sleep.
    mmmmm,i like u so damn much and i wish that u will go somewhere far.
    mek coba tdo lok k.wish me luck.esk kompom bgn tdo kol 12. 
    wahhhhh,typo.(i wish that u will never go somewhere far from me.♥

    so by the time  i woke up and got online, i read all these(there were more kut?) i was like in UTTER SHOCK.believe it or not, mana lah sy tahu he had feelings for me? i hardly talked to person pun!
    moving on, i layan jela. tp not the jiwangs part. i tried to be friendly and a reaaallllyy be a friend.seriously, i did. but he liked to bring the topic back to the 'part'. err..+.+

    i wrote,
    Erm, then don't lah.being just friends is always better.
    love come from ur kind,dakne lh mek x ska ngan tak.-_-"
    mn mek x ska pange ktk,bok lh mek x ska ngan tak. 
    (mcm mana sy tak bole sukakan awk and something something)

    but kta baru je knal? kn?and how do u know I'm kind? tibe2 dpt tau mek mcm singa, lari truss.
    Em,what's pange?
    yes,tp mek dh prati ktk 2 taun bah time tak dtg umah mek.mek pnh dlk(dulu) add tak lam(dlm) fb,p tak x approve2.ya mek cancel tak jdi singa mek jdi singa wak lh.♥
    pange=perange or perangai. 
    *err, pandai2 lah korg fahamkan sendri =)

    quick teachin' and learnin'!
    mek: saya
    tak/ktk: awak
    mn/mun: tapi
    balit/blit: balik 
    dakne: mcm mana
    ;) got it?
    now, back to the story. 

    he wrote lagi,

    what if i said i love u?
    err.i wont say anything lah. i mean, mek sik bole stop ktk or anything. just, i ask for u to not have high hopes sb mek bukan jnis cmtu. okie? mn klo na kawan no problem :)  

    sy tak mengarapkan ap2 pun.tq n bye bye black bird.jgn rep msg tk
     what? knpe ta bole rep? i dont understand:S

    because i dont want u too.understand.just leave me alone. 

    alright, ok. if u dont want me here, ckp jela. i wont show up in front of u. im sorry i cant be ur friend, bye.*HAHA, corny gila ayat aku. tp betul lah, geram time ni :(

    i dont care if ur here.sal tak x gago hal mek.mek x gago hal tak.bye.

    and so, i didnt rep his message. i had no idea what i felt. i had no idea WHAT HE WANTED? i just let out evrything regarding this issue to Mr. A. i think he understands me too well :)
    i know it was stupid of me to cry over something like this, tapi entah ohh. i dont wanna live here knowing i have someone looking down on me from his frickin window?!

    i tatau abt u, but klu i rse creepy gila ada org who watches ur every move*his words were more or less
    eeeiii, u ni! lagi cuak lah i. the way u ckp tu made me realise even more at how freaky the situation is :(
    laaa, betul la! kan?

    that night we talked, talked and talked. at first Mr. A let me banjirkan my bedsheet dulu, hearing me cry.LOL, segan lah pulak bila fikir balik =P   

    but it was worth it.

    p/s. if u are still wondering apa kaitan the rukun tangga-tangga thingy up there. errm, well. i'm sory idk lah mcm mana na explain the relations to this story, LOL ^^

    Tuesday, January 25


    one thing i dont like about waking up, 

    morning breaths, eww !
    betul bukan? gross. even if its my breath. u know i think there should be something, like some kind of gadget helps u curb(erm?), halang lahh , ur stinky morning breath. sbb just brushing ur teeth isn't much of help =.='
    the gadget thingy can like clean ur mouth while u sleep ! ahaaa,, that's stupid. but whoever comes up with the ultimate idea, should totally be rewarded a nobel prize.LOLs :) or otherwise, sediakan toothbrush awk on the bedside table! wahhhh, creative creative.

    nahhh, even more stupid+.+

    pic by lopes(as signed, duhh) from :)

    okay like this, well..this is just plain ridiculous kan?  ugh, lupakan this idea. it's a good thing hp aren't that too darn, canggih-ed and high-teched that people can smell u over the conversation!
    why? sebab pagi tadi sy kejut Mr. A for subuh. like always lah ^^ grr, bapak malunye if he could smell me over the phone. ahahaha! *green atmosphere, awk phm tak what that means?

    here, in Kuching the solah prayer times are different if compared to West M'sia (an info for those oblivious)haha. so once i'm done with performing my solah, i would wake Mr. A up! and at one time he was like,

     "ohhhh. what time is it? enam dua pulo"
    " awalnye u kejut!"
    "oh, that's right. korang kan awal"

    see? i think morning breaths jugak make u speak "bla". morning language? probably so =) okayy, ta mandi lagi nih. hahahahah, ambik kau! but no worries, i do not odourise the atmosphere into greenery.
    for now, abientot :)

    and no, please  dont say it like Mr. A does. it is very well NOT pronounced abontot !

    =.=' ughh.

    zum Geburtstag viel gluck z8 :)

    alaaa, gamba ni ta se-gigantic as i wanted it to be =( baru igt macam na gempak sikit ;) LOL. well, perkenalkan, Nor Zahidah binti Ibrahim. ehem, nama dy jgn ditayang sgt! nanti ada parti yg ta puas hati, and start bwat voodoo dolls with those needles and buttons and then letak her name..or worse, my name dkt dolls tu and then letak dalam pickle jar and macam" lah! i dont want to be VOODOO-ed  like this,

    or this 
     gahhhh, ni lagi teruk :(
    okayy, so the main point here is. hear read my beautiful singing tau tau?
    ehem ehem !

    zum Geburtstag viel gluck
    zum Geburtstag viel gluck
    ♩♩ zum Geburtstag viel zaiiiidddddddddd..
    ♭♪ ♪

    ZAIDDDDD,  kau dah tua. huuu :((( sereh aku na nanges dowh. its okay, nanti insyaAllah
     kau smbut kat sini lah yeaaa?
    cat :)

    err, prezzie kau aku ta cari lagi HAHA. *jujur nah, aku ciloks balik gmba2 kita, beb^^

    oh and last but not least, this is for you :)

    I'm only up when you're not down.
    Don't wanna fly if you're still on the ground.
    It's like no matter what I do.
    Well you drive me crazy half the time;
    the other half I'm only trying to let you know that what I feel is true.
    And I'm only me when I'm with you.

    -taylor swift, I'm Only Me When I'm With You

    Monday, January 24

    daily, almost daily ;)

    So, bila SPM dah habis ni, di rumah semestinya BANYAAAAAKKK mnde na buat kan?NOT. hahaha :D and that's why sy ada solution terbaik utk anda semua yg ingin kelihatan cantik, menarik dan tertarik sebelum results kita menjelma! *note this does not go to PLKN candidates, i am very and truly sorry

    ohh yeahh, RUN BABY RUN! and no, please dont drink and run. it will:
    • pancit kan you :P
    • make u dizzy whilst running
    so, yes the picture isn't the best role model tp sy tiada snap of myself running on the treadmill sambil buat peace (i'll try snapping next time kay),lol. the key is never drink too much before u start running and if na makan dont eat at least 3 hours before. or not you will end up cleaning ur own vommit on the tread mill :)
    plus plus, i can say that this is probably the easiest way to slim ur buttocks down, ladies. or otherwise u nak jalan2 di taman pun boleh. jalan2 lah kau for 3 hours, unlike me. i like the faster way; which is to go faster, walk faster, RUN FASTER =)
    just an hour a day is enough my deerest *no, i ta sala eja. i dont mean to spell 'dearest'.tq

    fiuh, fiuhhhhh +.+

    I made it-ALIVE from on the treadmill lah, with that i thank the Most Merciful and Most Gracious. okayy, to tambah" sikit to what i've just posted recently atas ni as u can totally see(if ur not blind, pardon me) the running thing. yeahhh, erm. the 'one hour' part, i seriously and literally mean one hour.
    why  is this highlighted? sebab i sooooo know that if u run on that treadmill or even around the lake or mana" lah, for exactly 'one hour', your so-called-hour wont turn out to be one hour after all as it goes out like this:

    first 10 min:  woot, woot SEMANGAT ^^
    20 min:     start jogging dah dy.
    23 min:       ugh ugh ugh..
    30 min:       jalan jalan plak??
    35 min:       adehh, duduk lah kejap :)
    37 min:       adoii, penat nye. menyesal aku stop, dah ta bole start lari dah =.='
    40 min:      (cursing urself) eh get ur ass off the bench, you fatso
    42 min:       start jog balik.
    45 min:      fuuuhhh.semput semput!
    47 min:       cramps, shit!
    48 min:      aghhhhh...sakit
    50 min:      ok ok, dah baik sikit *weee, HAPPY face. semangat balik lah konon =P
    52 min:      cuba lari balik, tapi nafsu na minum membuak" 
    55 min:      argghh, give up !
    58 min:      malas lahh. 

    okay, so that's what would most probably happen to loads and loads of girls out there. including moi, once upon a time ago laa =) hee. so if when u're running, bring a timer lah! sb if u dont, this is what happens=.=' u say u dah "lari" for an hour, but cuba kira balik? cepat! how long was it really that u betul" basahkan ketiak.haiyyyaa. or if u're on the treadmill, set for more than 60 minutes. make sure that at least u try to run half the time u've set :)
    then as for the rest, jog, power walk, crawl, mengesot, whateva !
    oh and as for drinking, just take sips in between runs/jogs. dont gulp in half ur water bottle because u'll just end up like this :
    semput, penat, dahaga, and messed up. because u've been trying to get ur damn butt to kempis2 tapi cant stick to damn logic +.+ minum air byk byk time tgh lari, berat lah syg oy, duhh!

    pstt! for the record, td sy lost 700calories in the first 40min. and 1100+ calories after 1hr10min. i dunno if thats 'sikitt' for u bigshots-supermodels kan, but sy rsa it's pretty sensible and achievable for those yg just mau turunkan berat ;) just try to stick to my tips, kay ladies?

    okeh, NOW we're gettin somewhere :)

    step ONE

    So, here i am writing my thoughts out for u to read =.=' act, i have been thinking about making a blog of my own before this, laaaaaaaaaammmmmaaaaaa dah, tapi ugh, MALAS :) i am very sure u understand. other logical reasons to why i've only started blogging today as we speak:
    1. i'd be blogging 24/7. YES!
    2. and because of that, u of anyone who reads this will become my ultimate and inofficial stalker. ^^
    3. i would not get my beauty sleep
    4. mom would be very,very,very,very angry
    5. my homeworks would be stalled. 
    6. cikgu mara la, ta siap?
    7. sy na focus SPM dulu :)
    8. ahh, malas lah tulis list ni +.+
    Soooo, technically. now, you know the short-story of it :D
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