Friday, July 29

today's project :D

salam :)

I know, I know. I'm supposed to be burying my head behind books rite now -__- tapi apakan daya, setan pemalas banyak betul. I feel like studying at night is more, erm. convenient? pi mampos lah. I just find studying at night lagi best :) kajillion thankyous to Mr. A for accompanying me. hewrhewrhewr. *sukasuka*

Two days and we'll be welcoming a month all muslims wait for all year!
uhuh uhuh uhuh *kuzco dance*

So, on Monday midterm exam starts. dang. I loooovvvveeeee exams. *pruut, terkentut =.="
and oleh itu, saya terpaksa lah menaiki belon pulang ke semenanjung esok! boohoo. sob. dan bersambung dari situ juga, me and mommy dearest membizay-boday kan diri masing" harini. and thank Goodness, our main project jadi. yabedabedoooo! <--this word is from the cartoon series Flintstones but I feel that someone somewhere wrote it on her blog and I tak hengat siapa. so, thankyou Ms. Anon. I "copied" you :)

The macaron/macaroon (which ever yg betul) were supposed to be rosy-baby pink in color. Well, at least they were at first;

Unfortunately lepas kita bako dia dalam oven, they came out sama je macam sang brown ni. Wrong choice of colouring tasha. Next time kita campak warna lain pulak yewp. hee.

And this is what happens when a mom and daughter have nothing else to do. eh, no. It's actually just the mom. HAHA. habis lah gemuk gedempol aku kalau duduk rumah lama-lama -__- nasib baik duduk kolej, tehehe.
yes dear, these are Oreo cupcakes :)

Know what? tasha rasa macam nak share some of our home's fab recipes lah one day. But I think I'll just post those yg senang nak buat. awesome, I know. kan kan? puihh. till then!

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la dolce said...

hype! cmne nak buat macaroon ni...boleh bagi resepi x? look delicious n tasty..^^

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