Saturday, March 26

all i say is thankyou ALLAH :)

sometimes Allah closes a door on us just so HE can open a bigger one.
so why do we, HIS servants always tend to look back at that small door while a wider one has been opened for us to enter?

so for now, ALHAMDULILLAH (:

ohh mata sembab :)

thanks mom, for knowing i did my best-at that time laa.

ya Allah, buruk sungguh shawl aku. serabut emotions punya pasal :(
 raz, again you were there for me. thanks love.Skype emoticons-05-wink

my mom selalu cakap (before hari kebesaran tersebut tula) that 
"no matter what you get, we're still very proud of you kakak"
*bertambah-tambah lah rembes aku jadinye.*

lepas semua semua tu, kecoh boom bamm bla bla bla. i guess i can say that i feel better now. although still not great, i'm improving. every now and then i look up for phrases to boost my spirits back up along with people whom were and are by my side. arigato all, ilysmgilagilagila

ohh, saya mmg suka pink. soraaay!
thankyou aunty ita! ohh, terharu sgt. u didnt have to Skype emoticons-01-sadsmile 

silver eyeliners DO give nice results!
you, i had an AWESOME day with you okay? thankyouuuuuuuuuSkype emoticons-06-crying u always make me want to cry lawh.
 you're always the one to make my day lah mr gediks. i dont lie to you.

Sunday, March 20

have faith tasha (:


Ya Allah, Kau ampunkanlah dosaku, dosa ibu bapaku, dosa guru"ku,
dosa sahabat"ku dan segala dosa mukminin serta mukminat.

Ya Allah, with the upcoming results drawing upon us, please let us have of all the calmest of feelings,
let us have faith in you more than we have in others, let us stay with you
throughout the whole journey of our short lives, let us not astray from what is right and be afar from
what is wrong.
Ya Rabbi, ya Karim,
bestow upon us addin, the right and the perfect way of life.
Must we not have even a split of a second without Thy guidance and blessings, and may we have the righteous ways of carrying out our duties.

Ya Rahman, Ya Rahim,
With Thy blessings and greatest love, grant us our highest hopes and wishes
of receiving the best of our results,
without hesitation and without uncertainty that we will offer our thankfulness
for your divine sanction as well as empowerment.

Ya Allah Ya Hakim,
Concede us equally for what we have worked for and may we humbly inquire straight A+'s results
for SPM 2010. 
Only to You we bow our heads to, reveal our greatfulness to, sing praises to and turn to
for help, guidance, nur, and direction.
Hear our prayers dear Ruler of the universe, for we only seek Thy purest acceptance to Al Jannah.

Friday, March 18

i am BACK baby!

yo yo yooo. er, no i dont like playing yoyo. kejadahnyeee weh, tade motif na main. wahh, time is very swift maa. macam taylor swift! HAHA. it likes to flyyy :) like taylor swift- so flyyyyyyy^^ 
okay, dah ngarut ni. mari kita usha gmbar2 saya holly holly di HONG KONG. why? sbb sharing is caring.

day 1#: ketibaan YAB 


day #2: tanah Disney
to infinity, and beyooonnndddd ^^

surprisingly, the bakery was our favorite pitstop!
muka kena tahi burung :)

you suka pandas kan kan? i know comel macam saya *haktuih! daraahh darahh.

 a classic Nabilah Natasha pose -__-

 eh eh, ni bukan ke pic yg i email dkt u ke rytu? u masukkan dalam fon u?? -aah :)

day 3#: OCEAN PARK

i am not sepet. lol

ala comel nye panda dy, HAHA! thanks dear.


24.2 (=


OH YES, masih sempat posing!

membelasah french fries, tade junkies halal lain bhai -.-"

mr A: asal kaki u mcm tu? er, biarlah.nmpak lah the thrill! haha

madagascar 2, King Julien: put your hands in the air! put your hands in the air

ibu a.k.a mama a.k.a MOM :)

day 4#: Ngong Ping, cable car


ohooo, saya yg jadi photographer.

BOOM BABY! atas bukit pun ad subway weyh

this was MOM's idea ohh. (: haha

muka terkuzut, outlet bebehh!

do i look like any of the two? T.T

aghh, lawa lawa. hantu kasut aku neh rupanye --"

day 5#: streets of HK


yepp, semua gaya standard cangkung atas jamban je.


style bhai plate dy -.-"


lalala, org gila tengah jalan :P

14.8 weheeew!

muka seductive en en en? BHAHAHA!

IF i had a brother, he would play Transformers too! :P


day 6#: The Peak, Hennes & Mauritz

now, how often do u see zigzag white lines in malaysia?



sebok je pacik baju oren tu T.T

semua tayang gigi, HAPPY VALLEY lah kann.

dad gave me $100 to buy candy but i said byk nya! and asked for only $30 haa,tengok2 $180 kau -.-"

what yaw lookin at? huh punk? SORRAY, muka tarak makeup mana macam beruk je haha.

i LOIKE the purple tag.

HAAAAHA, tash kau bapok do :D

mr A, jgn jelos yeah? SMILE, cheesecake!


wokayyh, sumpa penat lah mengeupload these pitchas. maine, semput saya
fyuhhh =.='

thankyou for reading this entry and laughing at my  not-so-ugly-nor-pretty  face^^

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