Tuesday, May 24

I made my teacher cry :(

salam :) 
*entry ni di-type khas buat Syarieda! hehe bangga tak? bangga tak? && inspired by Mr.A sebab nak tulis balik pasal ni. hehe

  So, peeps. penyakit M has once again spread; across the vast area+volume of my body. okay, that sounds just plain wrong. errgh? lol. ignore it please. it seems like everyday for these past few days that I've been gluing my eyes to this Acer screen for far too much a day. ibu pun dah bising2, but then again. better dari dgn henpon jeee memanjang kan? eh no, sama teruk je sbnanye. =.= lol, no point.
anywayy, I just suddenly felt like sharing a piece of my past with you. erm, whoever you are at this very instant. ngee :3 


trial SPM, maybe SBP levels. kot lah? excuse my nyanyokness. saya pun pelupa laa hehe. one sunny day,

aidit: weh tasha. kau buat teacher Jami nangis eh?
shaa: what?! BILA MASA? 
aidit: yelah! tadi aku pegi bilik guru jumpa teacher. dy kata dy nangis baca esei kau.
shaa: *muka shocked gila nak mampos, mintak penyepak satu* 

  Psstttccchhyyyeaaahhh, I guess it is true. I'd made my teacher like, literally lah, menangis. and on the other hand, I felt as if,..it was an accomplishment? I mean can u say that? cehceh, I never meant to be braggy (nor bratty) but teacher Jami had always liked my papers. *haktuih! well, she said that I was one of her fave students. *puih puih! NERRRRDDDDDDDDD +__+  hahaha! please don't feel like stabbing me with a spanduk!

okay, honestly. wouldn't YOU feel flattered if your teacher said that to you? terharu nak mati kot *__* never'd expected it! ;D so I say,  alhamdulillah . barakallah ^^!

So, you would most probably wondering2 lah kan apa aku tulis dalam esei cincai aku tu. the truth is, when I'd caught the question paper right away (hehe,curik tengok!) I turned to see the essay questions. alaa, kan dy ada kasi option manyak2 dkt situ. Abstract essay ke, creative writing ke, factual essay, argumentative ke.. haa, dah masuk balik dah SPM aku ni =.= hehe, pardon me dear. so yeah. I sneaky-sneakily peeked and to my un-delight-fulness takde tajuk yg macam, erm, gila bapak best lah nak pilih and to write about. 

  Paling senang, was to choose either Abstract essay or Continuous writing. (korang yang dah ada pengalaman tahu lah kan what I'm crappin' about hehe :D) I never liked factual essays sbb mmg tak pernah amek kesa untuk cari fakta-fakta mengenai perkembangan dunia ni. haha, jk. not literally lah. I just malas nak fikir isi. *okay nak stop merepek dah ni, sorry again

Amaran awal/ Early warning:
If you reeealllllyyyyy wish to read the story I wrote about, silakan be my guest and scroll ke bawah and continue reading. but if u wish to not continue and bother about my silly yappings, then be happy to leave this page. thankyou.

From what I remember, the question went like this.
Write an essay with the title,

My Childhood Story
**Okay, I can't write exactly, copy&paste like how the one I'd written before but mcm ni jugaklah jalan cerita dy okay? **

   I was three years old when I remembered the day I was sent to a day-care home whilst my parents were busy working. (okay bukan day-care. mmg 24jam duduk situ pun!) My parents had no time for me and my sister Nadhirah, whom at that time was a year old. erm, pardon me. tsha tak igt lah how old I really was. haha! so ni, main hentam je.

   I could still remember that one particular day when I actually forgot how my mother looked like. Children could remember faces almost instantly, but they tend to forget just as easy. So, it was that jarang lah that I'd saw my parents due to their constantly-tight schedule. My father worked for the tourism board which lacked him all the more time he had at home. and on the other hand, my mother was just as up to her neck with her work....and stuff. *hehe, act. sampai sekarang I dont understand what it was my mother did. lol! Skype emoticons-31-angel

   After 3 years living in the state of Johor, (cehh, org JB dulu! ngehehe!) we moved to KL as my dad had gotten his promotion. weeee^^ and that's where my first school was. SK Ampang. haa, kalau ada mana2 readers malang yg tgh baca entry ni, tegur" lah eh. I'm ur ex-schoolmate!

   However, things didnt change much back in Ampang. Dad still had his outstations(mmg pggil outstation eh noun dy?) and mom was still busy as ever. From 7 till noon, I had school to go to but later everyday I was picked up from the school gates and sent to tadika mana entah *tak hengat nama dy because my sister was there. There were a lot of days where my mother picked us up late in the near evenings. yess, time semua budak tadika lain dah balik baru my mum jemput my sister and I. nasib baik cikgu tadika saya dulu tu baik hati orangnya. I guess she understood. may Allah bless her :)

Eh, I think I missed something lah!? pffttt! memang tertinggal pun. adoii waiting

   SEBELUM I entered primary, I was sent to a day-care home. yg ni mmg betul2 punya day-care eh. and here is where the main plot of the whole story to my essay takes place^^ hee. 
The so-called day-care home I was in was not one at all of which you call it; unlike every other daycare centers operated in KL. in fact, it was a child's worst nightmare. for someone who was only 3(or 4) years old, I could understand what was happening. I mean, I was old enough to understand lah the circumstances and stuff. anyway, back to the story.

   Daily, we were not at all treated with the best compliments from the makcik who "took care" of us. honestly, untill today I can't remember a single time I'd eaten dekat rumah tu. We were to sleep in the kitchen unlike the other two kids the makcik took care of. Dengan alas tuala sendiri, we did as told. We slept on the cold kitchen tiles, cramped, really the whole room. dapur dy lah maksudnya. and saya MASIH ingat how it looked like! never left my mind -.- it wasn't much fun lah for a 3 and 1-year-old because I felt pretty sad that the other kids dapat tidur dalam buaian yg henjut-henjut tu sad the worst part was, I felt sad for my little sister. she was merely 2.

   On the bright side, it was the makcik lah who indirectly taught me how to fold the laundry. I remember sitting down quietly, speechless really as always, watching her watch the tv. dan dari dy lah saya tahu macam mana nak lipat UNDERWEAR! panties and all those. hahhaahahahaha, bodo gila kan? tp betul la. kiranya u can say that I knew how to fold undies at the age of 3(or 4)! *bangga bangga!

  The climax of my essay reached once I got to the part when my sister was sick one day. I think she had a fever or something, tapi yang penting dy tak sihat la. demam panas kot -__- the makcik! (act,she was kinda old enough to be called NENEK!) was worst than Cruella De Vil that day. mmg aku ey ey,.. sabar je lah ya Tuhan. astaga :3 

   It was bath time. Kakngah, dulu referred as adik shook as in literally menggigil when I saw makcik! tu siram adik saya dengan air kolah. my sister was squating on the floor waktu makcik nenek tu jirus dy. I can't remember whether she cried or not, but one thing for sure; I cried just by looking. I felt completely and utterly hopeless kot. sumpah, kejam. I mean, air kolah tak sejuk kan!?! lepas tu, erm. tak ingat plak what happened after that.

   I didnt bother with telling mom any of the hell we went through as there was so much of it. and frankly speaking, tak ingat dah pun hehe. so one fine(never was) day, I came to know shocked, that my sister's head was bleeding. and tatau lah sbb tak igt or mmg tasha tatau but yeah. she'd cut her head. bukan cut as in potong kepala dy eh! maksudnya terluka lah. so I was like,

 wth? apadahal luka dekat KEPALA? how ma how?

   It was later on that I discovered that one of the other kids at our day-care-lah-sangat center tu threw a rock at my sis' head. barbieee! act, my mum cakap dy terhantok kepala. but either way, it was part of that other tuuuut's conspiracy. ceh, ayat bajet best je tasha ni! haha. back to the point, my sister was hurt.
 Mum retold the story of the day when she came to pick us up and came to see my sister dengan tak pakai baju nye, and it shocked her as hell jugaklah seeing her daughter's head bleeding!

mom: lagi ibu geram, pompuan tu tak cakap apa-apa pun dekat ibu! mana ibu tak naik hangin!

   It is until now that I remember that makcik's face. grey hair, curly. tinggi, kurus. well maybe dy nmpak tinggi sbb dulu aku pendek =.= haha! sumpah english and bm together tak best. ayat mcm hampeh! lol ^^
Anyway, I tak ingat bila I actually told my mom about this. naturally, she flipped! and never sent me there again, I guess it really was a huge thing for her. like a big rock landed on her head, knowing her only two daughters kena dera macam kambing dengan nenek tua. Dad however could still make fun of this, erm. past of mine. MEN. mmg mcm tu, haha. mom was so angry that dy tak bayar pun last last. tak contact, tak bagitahu apa" to inform that the nenek was never to see or hear from us again. padan muka! ish ish, tak baik lah tashaa =.= hehee.

   And lastly, this is how I really ended my essay; so that was my childhood story. how was yours?


Sunday, May 22

mintak penampar sikit!


Hello hello. grunting grunting. (sape yg rajin ber-FB would see this on my wall) wallaweyyyyyyhhhhh! 

 I. am. freaking. out. 

period. full stop. decimal point. loll =.= I'm serious lah ni wahai manusia-manusia sekalian! for those who(m) are of the same age, you should most probably be aware of what's hot and what's not. okay main point, dah ramai lah my friends masuk uni/kolej. whichever. and just a few secs ago, I was Fb-ing around others' walls and newsfeeds. blablabla *takde keje punya pasal*, ade la sorang mamat ni,.

  He posted a calculus question dekat group Smart0610/0609, entah. I couldn't care less what the question actually was. but the BIGGER problem was, the moment I saw it: peggghhhh, blank. literally, my mind went blank.
haa, mula lah start panik! 

ya Allah, matii lah aku. how was I supposed to answer that? aku belaja calc tak nanti foundation ni? I've frickin forgotten addmaths, how dear God how?

and,..inilah dia. a factual disappointment of which SPM-leavers have to face once they've been out from school for far too long:-

Okay, that's just wrong. otak tak digunakan sepenuhnya :) you know, activating your brain cells?? yelah, you slug yourself at home all this while for like what, nearly half a year? mana tak loading nyee operator-operator kecik dlm otak kamu tu! +__+ and that's exactly what i'm afraid of. wah cuaks cuaks plak na ber-Pasum ni!

  Tula, dulu excited betul. jangan nak teruja sangat lahh tasha oi 0,0 really. but whatever pun, I'm sucking up every last bit of so-called-nerve i have and will soon march right through those registration hall doors(haha, padahal tak ingat apa nama tempat register tu) head up, shoulders back. cehh, poyo. tengok, tunduk malu-malu. hee :3 nah, that wont happen. because I'm not shy like that. haha.

so, that's it for now. I'll be sure to un-sawang-kan this blog of mine sebelum melangkah ke alam Uni! :D

Friday, May 20

why so tebal?

salam :)

  Pada suatu hari, ada lah seorang aunty yang cantik jelita ini ber-strolling dekat mana" entah. Orang ramai memang suka sangat aunty ni. kenapa? sbb dy cantik lah! kan aku baru je tulis cantik jelita tadi? haiyahh =.= tapi dalam ramai" orang yang suka aunty cantik jelita ini, ada juga yang tidak ber-agree. siapakah? why, 

SAYA :) *muka bangga kejap

and all the rakyat jelata pulak bertanya" why haww, kau tak suka dy? apa kau jelos kau tak cantik? nooooo, pegi mati kau lah aku nak jelos. saya just ta suka sbb muka aunty cun melecun ni,..

nampak macam tepung nak buat roti tu ^^ (dough)

  Haa, betul betul. okay dah tasha, cut the crap. na cair mata orang lain baca entry kerepek kau nih +.+ my main point is, kenapa ladies sekarang perlu make-up tebal2 sangat? in my own personal opinion kay (jgn ada yg nak belasah aku plak nnt) nak cantik tak semestinya bedak kena 2,3 inci ma di muka awak tu. bukan ke natural lagi cantik? manis what. maybe ada yg mahu hide pimples, zits, whateva lain jadah tu. fine, i get it.

but, PERLU ke smpai org lain tak boleh cam muka anda lagi? seram lah tasha tengok. fyi, lelaki pun takdela suka sangat org makeup tebal" ni. tau tau? not all la, but maybe a lotttt :) 

  I mean, seriously. why should you hide who you really are eh? maksud nye, kalau dgn laki awak tu, awak sorok2 pun kalau tibe CONTOH nak kahwin pun, you'll have to face him makeup-less jugak. kan kan? takkan na bebedak je manjang. mati lah sel-sel kulit kau nanti T.T haha.

kadang" tu tengok kan, if the person packs up a whole frickin load of compact powder and bla bla (i dont use cosmetics byk2 so tak reti lah hee) nampak macam muka dy berketul-ketul.

going NATURAL doesn't mean keluar rumah bogel terus. no. berpada" lah. macam ni,

see? natural kan? haha, ironic gila. titibe teringat lagu dia everything comes naturally, it comes naturally.. lol. lipgloss, bedak sikit, mascara. and calit sikit eyeshadow. dahhhhh. tak perlu over over. :)


Thursday, May 19

lessons on how to be a gentleman

salam :)

  hello, sorray nak post lagi satu entry utk harini memandangkan dah lama jugak aku terkandas dekat alam "tiada-internet-sbb-wifi-jd-mereng" beberapa hari yg lepas hee :3 i find this page very interesting sbb really, what it says mmg betul. so GUYS, PLEASE BACA OKAY? or kalau girls, recommend lah dkt boyfie awak tu eh? it might do him some good ;D

oh and saya pilih mana" yg i think plg best. nak tgk yg lain2 sila klik sini. pstchhyeahh, i cilok post ni dari orang meyh. dont say i tak cakap awal2!

  1. When she says "I'm Fine", it never means she is
  2. If you can't think of a nice thing to say, you aren't thinking hard enough
  3. Don't promise to call when you know you won't
  4. Hold her hands, especially in front of your friends :)
  5. Don't be afraid to make the first move..and to keep making it.
  6. Saying whats on your mind is not the end of the world
  7. Always remind her she's beautiful. Especially when she least expects it!
  8. When she's upset, tuck that strand of hair behind her ear and wrap your arms around her. Until the tears have stopped and your shoulder's drenched :D
  9. Kissing her on the forehead is the sweetest thing in the world to a girl.
  10. A single hand-picked flower is wayyyy more thoughtful than two dozen store-bought roses! ^^
  11. Kiss her spontaneously in the middle of a sentence...ha, jgn nak gatal pulak pg cium sana sini! -.-
  12. Be careful with what u say, a girl remembers everything. all the tiny details *__*
  13. Love your mother.
  14. There is no such thing as being too romantic <3
  15. NEVER underestimate a girl's ability to figure things out. Lying won't help, kompem!
  16. If you leave without a reason, don't bother coming back with an excuse.
  17. NEVER IM if u can text; NEVER text if u can call; NEVER call if u can do it in person (:
  18. Handwritten love letters never go out of style ;D
  19. Treat your girl right, or another guy will. jangan risau -__-
  20. Always say goodnight with a kiss, not an argument.
p/s, this entry may or may not contain matters of which may or may not be appropriate to be done in public or in privacy. readers discretion is advised as  matters might as well be only rightful in the hands of those whom are joint with the string of marriage. 

:) sincerely, a Muslim blogger.

Wednesday, May 18

i dont mean to be offensive T.T

salam :)

hey ho hey ho. so i've been thinking.. ugh, tak best lgsg ayat aku ni nak buat intro entry ini. LAAAAAMMMMEE =.= anyway, entry kali ni just bertujuan nak express my inner thoughts. wait, thoughts bukan mmg "inner" ke? haha. adoi, see? betapa serabut nye otak aku ni smpai ayat pun kels mcm maggi goreng. 

you see, dkt facebook they all ada buat this group utk budak Pasum 2011/12. yayy! so tasha pun macam tergiddy-giddy la kan sbb semua orang pun excited. saya pun na teruja jugak *__* boohoo!
tanya sana sini pasal program asasi Pasum ni dkt org tu org ni. smpai friend request pun tambah lagi youuu! (bunyi mcm bapok lah plak) 
anywayzz, pagi tadi ibu pun berpesan,

kakak, be careful with what you say. 

-blank blank-

nanti orang kata kakak riak plak? yela, ada je yang tak dapat so kakak jgn lah na tunjuk-tunjuk sgt. bukan semua orang dapat tau buat asasi dkt UM tu. sian orang yg tak dapat tu. sian your cousin *&%$# tu. nanti tak pasal" dapat dosa pulak mcm tu.

my heart sank. SUMPAH demi Allah, tak pernah langsunnnnggg niat nak riak or takbur or anything. hearing my own mom say that, i was offended. touchy lah aku ni* hee:3 tapi betul la, was i being a fag? aku macam menunjuk sangat ke? i only wall-posted on how excited i felt pasal nak masuk UM ni. mana ada niat mereng apa"? huu, sedih sangat sebenanye ni. somebody pujuk saya please? HAHA, gedik nak mampos! 

so, kepada sesiapa yang ada terasa because of my posts and i seemed braggy to u or anything.
i am truly, very, so so sorry.
lillah, i never meant any of it. saya just mahu share kegembiraan saya dgn members, takkan itu pun tak bole? please dont kutuk" tasha for my unintentional wrong-doings. okay? peace out.


Tuesday, May 17


salam :)


as you dah terbukak pun my bloggay ini, mesti ada dengar lagu memekak-mekak dkat telinga awak tu kan? if you're using a pair of head/earphones and jenis suka pasang speaker smpai nak pecah gegendang telinga korang tu, mintak maaf lah ye kalau cairkan your eardrums...with JUSTIN BIEBER'S SINGING! muahahahahahaha *gelak hantu sakan! sorray lah yep if u aren't a belieber. lolololololl *literally gelak Dr.Evil punya gelak nihh!

if you tak suka lagu bieber or org melayu lagi suka panggil, bibir. silentkan jela speaker anda tu eh? i like him, bla bla bla. tp aku takde lah obssessed mcm tu OKAY MR. A?! i am not :) hmm. to be honest, i really wasnt a bieber-fan sebelum ni. tp apakan daya, his force of attraction terlalu kuat sampai my adiks pun ter-racun sekali. and yes, i admit it.


haha, tidak sangka. just from watching it, i macam (dare i say it?) instantly fell in love with him! HAAHAHA, tidak kusangkal! tidak tersangkal! 3D lagi bhai! never thought i'd watch my first 3D movie pasal jasten beebur! hahahahahahaha *whats with the gelak sakans, i dunno =.=

okay ini sedutan berminggu-minggu lepas sebenanye. haha, tiba" je teringat pasal ni. and frankly, i have always loved his songs. and memorized those yg plg i minat! haha (dorky much?) just ta berperasaan nak minat DY je, the artist himself. kenapa? entah, i guess since dy lagi muda. garhhh, tidak minat lah juniors ni. terasa amat pelik! although ta sala pun kan? sedangkan Rasulullah SAW mengambil Siti Khadijah RA sebagai isterinya yang almost twice his age. eh? yeke? hmm, forgive my misinfo eh. kalau salah laa +.+

the 3D glasses. dah macam cyclops i tell you T.T loll^^

you see, with Mr.A not totally supporting this supposedly-subjective matter, it's hard kot to resist the Baby singer! cuba bayangkan: kau dalam panggung wayang size XXL, duduk seat tengah2 theater tu, frickin loud music, tons of bieber-maniacs screeching and screaming "aghhhh" and "awwww" when they show his face close-up on the tv or lagi menyeramkan, when he took off his shirt(ala, dy takde 6packs pun haha!) and his songs played over and over again thoughout the movie. dgn tayangan umum gmba and videos comel time dy baby lagi!? seresly, cannot tahan. hahaha.
mum said,

kalau orang yang tak berapa nak minat pun bole tiba" fall in love, macam mana lah agaknye kalau yg mmg fanatic tengok movie dy tu?

kan kan? i think she's right oh. betullll, ta bole bayangkan -.- oh, and gamba ini sekadar nak show off bahawa saya handal mengendalikan chopsticks! HAIYAK!! *please excuse the censor. rasa macam hooker kena tangkap mana plak aku buat mcm tu =.=

nothing more^^ abracadabra, byeebye!

Wednesday, May 11

UM, prepare yourself! (updated!)

salam :) **once again, please be informed that this entry has been re-edited**

lol, sorry salam dekat paragraph kedua plak. anyways, yayyyyy^^ pos dari UM dah sampai. ni la agaknye yang dorang asek busybontot dekat fb tu. cik Amirah Zamri cakap pihak uni akan pos kita satu file with semua forms ke ape jadah tah dalam nye. tapi sama je sebenanye dgn yang kita download and print dari internet tuu. so dekat sini tasha na kasi info la sikit pasal program PASUM ni yang korang terdenga orang cakapcakap tu. sape yang bakal menduduki kolej kediaman 12 nanti tahu lah PASUM ni mende kan. kalau tak, hantok sikit kepala kau tu. haha, jk.

PASUM maksudnya; Pusat Asasi Sains Universiti Malaya. ceh, senang gila babeng je maksud initials dy sebenanye. yang dema dok sebut sebut  "pa-soom" tu rupanye "Pas-Yuu-Emm (UM)" tapi bila gabung jadi pasum lah kan. okayy, aku dah merepek ni. so, tasha dah buat research sikit" pasal program kita ni. ehem, KITA? apehal? er, kita ni ditujukan khas bagi mereka yang akan  mengikuti program asasi pasum ni la dol +.+ durhh!

dari segi;
ACCOMMODATION- memang budak" asasi akan duduk kolej kediaman 12 as you have already been informed and satu bilik meme 2orang! woot woot! so far lah, takut" pihak uni changed pulak hal tu. mintaakkk lah tak!

STUDIES- budak pasum terbahagi kpd 3 main groups je, asasi sains fizikal, asasi sains hayat and asasi sains alam bina(yg ni tataw lah ade ke tak the "sains" part, **ok mmg takde pun** )
oh and ada jugak rancangan persediaan ke Jepun (RPKJ) but yg tu i dont care(sorry) haha.

** bagi program ni, according to a trustworthy source of info, 
  • budak alam bina ada lagi banyak masa free drpd budak" asasi lain-pro 
  • however, hari sabtu ada kelas jugak until 2ptg-contra
  • kelas paling awal pun start pukul 8 and paling lambat ends at 5-contra lah kot? 
  • tapi kelas takde lah full memanjang, ade la certain periods mmg takde kelas. for instance pagi takde kelas, tapi tghari and petang ada-definitely pro! **

SUBJECTS- according to abg blogger (yg aku tataw pun nama dy ape) klik sini utk info lanjut, pointer bagi mereka yg follow course physical science and budak pure science dihitung regarding 3 subjects yang mana 2 daripada subjects tersebut dy amek pointer paling tinggi. and lagi satu subject tu pulak maths.
maksudnya, your pointer di-averagekan antara 3 subjects and sala satu subject tu maths(sbb maths WAJIB!)
   however, org macam saya ni pulak lain story nye. pointer ktorg dy kira semua subjects (i know, MATI LAH AKU) sebabnye syllabus budak alam bina lain in terms of subjects Chemistry and Physics kalau nak banding dgn budak asasi lain. paham tak? lol, sorry kalau ayat tasha keling :S
**(for alam bina-ers: utk sem 1, exam akan only include 4 subjects je. sem 2, tak pasti lagi :) **

FASHION- lelaki, sorry la. utk asasi ni mmg kena pakai kemeja and seluar. ok well takkan nak pakai spender je kan? haaha. meaning, no jeans lah. and girls apetah lagi kan? baju kurung waktu pergi kuliah. tapi kalau na hott sikit kebaya pun bolee, or kebarung. as said la, your pick =) although, i cant answer la kenapa dlm surat tawaran tu dy ckp kena bawak baju hitam lengan pjg/pendek. utk riadah ke apa? jadah nye weyhhh *__*
**kakak saya kata, asasi mana ada riadah. but another source says, ADA! kena bangun pagi" kalah aku bangun dekat sekolah dulu. which one weyhh? **
oh and hari selasa, ada kelas dekat FAB(fakulti alam bina, dont ask me i tatau what it is) and time ni JE ta payah pkai baju kurung-.-

MASA DEPAN-kalau korang tgk dkt page UM tu sendiri ade je dy inform pasal mende alah ni. tapi aku tahu korg mmg tak rajin nak bukak sebab wallaweyh, leceh kot website dy?! ceh, padahal tak reti cari. *haktuih!
utk undergraduates' programme(kita bakal lah tu), dy ada cerita bila kita na pursue utk degree course tertentu apa yg available. in this case,
  • architecture
  • quantity surveying
  • building surveying
  • estate management 
i tell you beb, semua bidang ni,.erm promising lah dy punya income nanti. insyaAllah. sebab tu blaja susa-susa. ape korang ingat duit tu mcm taik hidung ka? senang na dpt? soo, jgn la nak whiny sgt eh?

okay, aku tataw la sebenanye menatang ni hape kebende. my guess is subject that they are subjects time kita asasi nanti lah kot? and disebabkan tasha foundation alam bina i post yg ktorg punya je la yep.
  • Basic Chemistry I
  • Basic Chemistry II
  • Basic Chemistry III
  • Basic Chemistry VI
  • Basic Physics I
  • Basic Physics II
  • Basic Physics III
  • Basic Physics VI
  • Algebra and Geometry
  • Algebra and Calculus
  • Statistics and Probability
  • Calculus
  • Preparatory English Course I
  • Preparatory English Course I  (yg ni entah le kenapa dy repeat 2x =.=)
  • Character Building and Development
  • Information Skills 
erm, macam byk je!? dunno lah +.+ we'll see lah kan. tatau nak percaya ape dah. lol.

okay so, tu jela yg aku mampu nak share. i cant promise you that all given information are guaranteed 100% correct eh. sorry sgt sgt, but ape pun kita akan tau kan nnt 29th nanti. ke...30th la. sbb 29hb tu daftar utk kolej je :) heee.
** i'm truly sorry readers sbb aku tersala post psl ni. HAAAHA, ni sebenanye utk undergraduates punya programme. not ours :D :D heee, *muka cover malu loll^^ so i'm not sure about how many subjects we're gonna have to suck up tapi, yang penting tak sebanyak ni la. sorieee sorieeee-.- **

Tuesday, May 10

my first time (III): pergi kedai sendirian

salam :)


  ibu tergelak BESA PUNYA dengar tasha cakap macam ni, geeeez! sampai-sampai tengok kereta vios aunty leen dah nak keluar dari front porch dy. mom was in the passenger seat. dah dy nampak aku, tak jadilah nak jalan. 
ni ni, suda sampe nya tasha sitok.
ni ni(hani, my mom), dah sampai da tasha ni haa.

baru terasa malas harini nak layan treadmill sebab tertido punya pasal. rupa2nye tadi berpeluh bagai babayy jugak aku (translation: sweatin like a piggeh!) dah bangun and mamai" lagi tu aku pergi lah mandi, (podda la, pasal mandi pun nak cerita ke =.=" )
then teringat kredit ku oh wahai maxis sudah kurus keding unlike tuan dia yang tak berapa nak kurus ni. kau punya pasal lah *%$#@ apesal cekik darah sgt? aku tak dapat pun Youth Club padahal i masih YOUTHFUL taw?! tak cecah 18 pun sad *ceh, mengamuk plak dkt maxis. eh kantoi plak part %$#^# censored ni *_* 
ok moving on with the story,.

today has been officially the most made-myself-look-dumb day, kot laa? tapi tasha memang dah biasa dah me-labokan(memalukan) diri nii, mr. A kata* loll. mengaku dan sedar akan kelemahan diri sendiri HAHA! so anyway readers, sesampainye tasha di kedai runcit tadi tasha matikan lah motor. erm, act bukan motor pun. scooter kot, Nouvo Yamaha tuu. yezzaaaaaaa, yang berat nak mati tu lah! mr. A pun kata berat, padahal badan dy bapak lah tough nyeeeeee. (okay sumpah tasha gurau and i dont mean to perli you kay dear? kitting only maalove struck  u kan my hercules, lalalalaaa..) so nampak sgt lah nouvo to memang bagai anak gajah! grr!

so after I'd fed my number with prepaid yang tak banyak mana pun, sepolo hinggit jee. *tak kaya la sorry, lolol! hehe, duit tak withdraw. so aku mmg secara sohihnya pokai habis lah. broke! terbabas lagi ni:
aku nak balik dah ni, keluarkan kunci moto and cocok dlm slot tu. biasanye, lepas dah bawak tu boleh la nak start engine secara auto ----> tekan button! weeeee^^
tapi malangnye, memang aku sentiasa diduga dengan insiden2 yang "unik",
 nouvo tak boleh start.

tanak nampak segan punya pasal, tasha try lah start manually. sebab salunye pakai motor manual kapcai reti kan, so why not cuba? cannot jugak!
waa, rasa nak nangis! call angah, and of course, she freaked out. aku yang baru mandi tu pun peluh" balik. shaittt. tak best langsung -__- 

mestila, it did!

time tasha try start dgn handle kaki mende alah tu(what's it called eh?), the unthinkable happened.
it got stuck under the frickin stand motor tu! faham tak macam mana? kayu (KAYU??!) yang kita guna nak start moto tu terselit entah macam mana entah BAWAH stand moto. astaga.. how the fick was i to fix that!?

luckily, ada la pacik yang nak otw balik dekat situ, aku buat muka tak malu mintak tolong. expression dy pulak PELIK GILAA. dah sarawakian aku pun terabur rongak" lepas tu nak explain dekat dy what happened, memang lah tak dan nyeerolling eyes 

sik bolehhh, nang stand masuk atas siya. mun ada linkie boleh lah mauk bukak screw ya & tutup balit.
tak boleh la, sebab stand tu tersepit dekat atas tu. kalau ade screwdriver boleh lah nak bukak then pasang balik.

frussstttttttttttt +.+ pacik tu kata aku terpaksa tolak moto.

sik pa, saya diam sitok jak. 
takpe, saya duduk sini je pun.
oh kitak tinggal siya jak?
oh, awak tinggal situ(tunjuk") je?

no other solution, i decided to head home. nanti, pandai" lah panggil mechanic ke macam mana?  hope no one'd steal the scooter. loll, cuak cuak.

mum called, pheww!
kakak, what happened...bla bla bla 
takpe, tu kamal dengan mock datang tolong tengok moto. *lega legaaaaaa! untung betullah taman perumahan aku ramai laki sebaya haha. come in handy, and they're friendly too! =D tapi apakan daya, tasha ni pemalu. *huweeekkkkkkkkk! 

once i'd reached the front door lepas singgah kejap dekat rumah aunty leen tadi, muka toye je. dah satu keje kena jalan all the way dari kedai tu ha. angah was waiting. err, maybe not exactly waiting lah kut sebab dy pun tengah cooling down lepas membakar lemak atas treadmill. her facial expression,
sumpah taik!
shocked habis lah, like mulut literally ternganga mata bulat (mata dy mmg besa pun tho)

pon ponn! heyyy, mock. thankyouu!
sik pa, sik pa. hehehe. moto okay sudaa
takpe takpe, hehehe. moto dah okay dah

haih, segaaaan der. so lepas ni, TANAK DAH 
  1. bawak moto auto yang tak berapa nak betul pegi kedai sorang sorang
  2. pegi kedai beli top up sendiri. mintak orang lain sudah 0.0
ibu: dah lah kak, kau memang kena bawak kereta je lepas ni, haha!
ibu: hahahahahahah, taubat taknak bawak dah! anak aku nii :D :D

Sunday, May 8

oh, tasha nak jiwang kejap boleh?

salam :)

hello world. hee^^ pagi" lagi aku dah online ni takde keje rumah ke macik? why, mestilah ade =.= ni tgh tunggu kain siap di-dry dalam mesen basuh tu. laaaalalaa..

  anyways, korang frust tak kalau kita nak saaangat paham seseorang ni tapi tak boleh? sakit hati kan? well if awak bukan jenis macam tu sorray naik lorray lah ye. tasha mcm tu, i find it gilaaas irritating bila tasha cuba memahami seseorang but i cant. hanya boleh membayangkan je perasaan dy. apa buku peribahasa kata, berat mata memandang berat lagi bahu memikul? cecehhh, berperibahasa plak aku ni. padahal time SPM dulu punya lah berkarat nak ingat idioms neh T.T

  so, disebabkan tasha ni punya lah baik hati *muntah darahhh bak kata Anuarul Hakim loll^^* marilah saya share" dgn korang pasal this certain person who...urm, has added much sunshine kepada hidup seorang pompuan mengada bernama Nabilah Natasha ni. kenapa aku berkata begitu haw? well well well, tipu gilaa korang if you say takde orang yang mewarnai your everyday's. kan kan? (okay ini besides my besties kay? jangan cakap aku tak pentingkan kawan pulak!) because they mean the world to me. hee.

kenapa si pacik sorang ni is one important being:-
  • tak pernah complain aku selalu mengada nak mati tahap cipan
  • tak pernah marah kalau aku bersikap negatif macam orang nak bunuh diri, instead he counsels and comforts me -.-
  • tak pernah cakap "weyh tashaa, kau cakap ni banyak sangat lah! boleh diam for a minute tak?" instead he talks to me all night long if he could.
  • tak kesah aku ni pendek. HAAAAHAHA, ini fakta yang sadis sebenanye
  • selalu support aku in whatever circumstances no matter what
  • sanggup ketepikan kengantukan (although pacik ni kalau boleh mengantuk sepanjang masa. kiddingggg pacik! haha) sebab nak pastikan aku tak tidur dalam keadaan sedih.
  • semestinya sentiasa jujur, tapi kadang2 tu terlebih jujur pun ada -.-
  • forgives me damn well quick enough, i tell you kalau orang lain mesti dah lama give up *_*
  • sensitive! lol, lelaki ego ni lagi buat aku naik ego taw tak? nasib baikk (: (:
  • he cares, he cares, he cares<3
  • walaupun dia orang yang mempunyai otak gila standard anak einstein and aku ni..erm, let's just say aku tak SEpandai dy, he still thinks i'm smart! yayyyyyyy^^
  • okay dah banyak sangat aku memoyo ni. rasa nak muntah baca? well, you've read it dah punn. HAAAHA, padan muka.

aku tak suka sebenanye tulis mende2 macam ni, tehehee. *haktuih!! tapi ni sekali sekala kan nak gedik. lololololl +.+ so, boleh lah kan? haaha.
sorry gambar censored sikit lah. ngeee:3 sape yang kenal, kenal lah. sape yang tak, erm..too bad! haha.
please dont go, i still need you bahh :S

garhhh, habat tasha habat!

so tasha dah share tasha punya, how about YOUR sunshine?

Friday, May 6

say hi to uni-tasha!

salam :)

brrr..brrr..brrrrr...(nasib baik henpon vibrate) 

tashaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! dapat tak?
hah? dapat apa?
aah en? aku dekat luar ni. 
(tak sempat na cakap lagi) aku tolong check kan eh? birthday kau bila eh? 
wallaweyy, kau tak ingat bday aku tong? najhis punya kawan, bday aku dy tak hengat?!

and.......jeng jeng jeeennggggg!

 i actually SQUEELED kot tadi! haha, apapun i am so so very grateful lah. mulanye baru rasa nak gila breakdown. loll^^ dramatic ke aku nih? tehehe. yela sebab awal" haritu matriks tasha dapat labuan. hah? yessa LABUAN, SABAH bebeh! gila en? memang tak jauh punn.....
 but then, thanks to daddy dearest punya golf buddy yg kerja dekat kementerian yang tukang jaga or sort nama budak-budak masuk matriks ni, tasha dapat tukar melaka. uncle tu cakap sape" yang alamat sarawak(and sabah sekali lah kut) sume dorang sumbat dekat labuan. kesian kan? sedih sedih. whatever the reason, i think it is unfair. 

mr. A selalu cakap,
"tasha, whatever you get i support you kay? remember that. through thick and thin! fat and skinny! i'm always here for you, forever! insyaAllah"

nawwwwww....and so i believe him because that's exactly what i would do to him; AM doing to him. agh, pg mampos grammar. HAHAHA! many thankyous sayang:) u've been my greatest male-cheerleader evaaaaa! ofcourse selain ayah lah kan, but tu tak kira.

pong pulak kata,
"alaa, lek lah tasha. boleh nyee! kau boleh sangat do pergi oversea! kau sure boleh gempak nye foundation then apply scholar and daaaaaaaah. flyyyy^^"
thanks faris ibrahim, kau jugak memberi semangat pada aku. serious do, all the best with your program. interview mara haritu saiko je! loll =P i believe in my guts kau DAPAT! weee! 

oh and bella if you're reading this, thanks sayang. and congrats tooooooo! nanti kau dah pindah gombak kita outing sama2 ek? lollllllllllllll, LMHO!

Wednesday, May 4

10 facts about me: REVEALED!

that's about it for now :) ciou

Tuesday, May 3

nak kurus memang susah kan?

salam :) 
saje nak kasitau pada you ollz (i dunno why, but i like spelling ollz. haha, macam poyo je, I LOIKE) that my internet baru je dihidupkan semula. yayy yaayyyy! haritu aku bangun pagi tengok" kipas tutup patutlah panas! baru rasa nak jerit,
angaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! apehal tutup kipas time akak tido hah?!

chaitt +.+ padahal bila dah turun bawah mmg tengok semua benda pun mati. tv, kipas dkt bawah tu, whuteva electrical jadah yg ada dekat bawah. blackout rupanye. cheeseee -___- so bila dah on balik, wifi pun mereng. podda laa! eh? off track plak aku neh? this is not the point. 

continuing: tasha na sentuh sikit here that na kurus tu MEMANG LAH TAK SUSAH NAK MAMPOS KAN? tensen je pikir punya pikir macam mana lah aku na lose weight ni? all ritey, i am not obsessed over my berat kay? just rasa..erm... okay i got nothing. haha! biasalah perempuan. i've posted before kan, girls will never (never say never LMAO!) be satisfied with their self-image. be it physical or..wait, memang secara physical je ponn. takde mende lain dah! 

so tasha sekarang ni dah takde keje but bloggaing. i'm not that into facebook and i never was. masa na sign up dulu pun fikir byk" kali. ada benefit ke aku buat menatang ni? but then my sister just HAD to show me my ex-school mate time dekat sweden dulu tu punya facebook. she'd been asking about me and bla bla bla. so, there. TER-buat lah my facebook account. alasan, na contact member sekolah rendah dulu (lol, off track lagi ni!!) anyways, i was just recently snooping around at other gorgelina's blogs and sekarang being "isu slim" menjadi topik utama tasha focus kepada blog kak fyna aka si pretty syafinatul di (klik lah) fyna here . here, dy story-mory lah macam mana in a frickin month she lost 10kg! masya Allah. aku dulu diet lepas pmr pun turun 4-5kg je. fyuhh, dasat bukan?

last month tasha nekad, konon jela: okay tasha kau tak payah makan nasi eh? saje untuk experiment. bukan nak buang 10kg pun. 3-4kg jadilah! kan? i convinced myself that it was all an 'experiment'. agak" kan, ape rasa eh underweight? pick up pengalaman lah konon.. T.T tapi bila dah dua-tiga hari tu, biasalah hangit-hangit taik ayam. ibu masak nasi almost on a daily basis and lauk pulak aku yang tolong masak. macam mana? tak ke tempting nak matiiiiiii macam tu. lol, (tasha ni orang melayu sejati so tengok lauk-pauk dengan nasi ni mesti jadi lapar. apetah lagi kalau lauk pedas") conclusion: tak jadi lah my first attempt on doing this dumb experiment. tapi we must not lose hope oh mighty tasha! lol, kena semangat! cakap pasal semangat, tengok ni. my cousin's family datang visit and i sebok2 ikut dorang jalan" hehe. stylo-mylo kan my pose? LOL^^ semanagat je tasha ni, bajet nak sepak arep tuu,

so dah hilang tapak pulak na cakap ape lagi ni, i always seem to do that. tula masalah suka sangat membebel bila nak cakap tu, kalau boleh semua dalam otak nak cerita. nak kasitau dekat semua orang :3 heeeee. nak buat macam mana kan? sebab tu aku buat blog! please pray my dear viewers..erm, readers. doa supaya saya ni lebih bersemangat kental utk menjalankan eksperimen yg bakal berjaya ini! lepas tu, insya Allah i will share with you :) wee. toodles!
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