Thursday, December 22

Pashmina's&Pins: For my lovelees

Salam :)

     I made this video in dedication to my two little sweethearts (although, in physical reality I'm much more...err, petite). Because one of them called to ask me over the phone, I felt that this video is the least I could do for her. So yes Nadia, I'm very sorry I haven't been responding to your calls or texts. Call me a jerk too if you wish. I deserve it. And as much as you might think that I am avoiding you, I am not U__U please believe me?

We really are that busy here at PASUM. I just wish I could make it up to you. This goes the same to you too Nur Izleen! :) I love you two dearly and hope you girlies enjoy this video :) hugs&kisses.

Commento plish?


Anonymous said...

What is Aurat? For women, they have to close all part of their body except their face and their wrist.Cover your aurat lil girl on your tutorial videos.Thank you.

Anonymous said...

you sooo cute, <3

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