Sunday, July 24

home sweet home.

salam :)

I've landed safe and sound, in one piece. I mean who knows, lepas ni naik flight pergi tempat lain plak? CEHH. mimpi" siang je tu <--- typical Malay-English direct translation =.= okay dah, stop it tasha. berangan tak elok.

My flight landed awal tadi, so fortunately dad arrived from Pontianak just about 5 minutes earlier than I did, balik pun sekali harung jela dlm pajero tu. Today This morning was fun! Because sampai je rumah, terus dititah utk ke grocery store.
AGOGO batak dua kali ganda lah aku!
lama tak drive punya pasal, almaklum pasum nggak membenarkan kanak" seperti kami yg masih ber-"P" sit behind the wheel :(

So, we scrambled around The Spring searching for Sofea's bday prezzie, (don't think she reads my blog so takpe lah nak tulis here, the surprise is not ruined) -like a boss- and we terjumpa (seriously terjumpa) an exhibition where the paintings were on sale! Many of the artists are uni students, could be for a charity or something. I was ignorant enough not to look for the name of the exhibition :3 hehe.

And so, this was my 2nd ezeebishon evergh :) happy happy. GC really did teach how to value an artwork. orang lain semua gatai pegang" raba" mende alah tu. tsk tsk.

I arrived home to the sight of warm, toasty pink&green macarons. LIKE A BOSS.

I'll be learning how to make these and Oreo Ice-cream Cupcakes later! :D wish me happy cooking eh?

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la dolce said...

cmne nk wt macaroon tu...ade resipi x? look tasty n delicious...:)

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