Friday, July 29

the 10-day challenge!

Salam :)

So, I can't find my sony's usb. cilakas weyh. so for the time being I nak buat mende alah ni, tehehe. Yes, after this I'll go shove my head into my Physics notes okay? -promise-
day one : 10 things about me
1- I look tall in a lot of my photos(yekeeee -__-) but in reality, pictures lie!
2- I am the eldest of my siblings and frankly, not many believe so.
3- I am horribly and deathly afraid of most insects, mainly spiders.
4- Shorter, snobby and "malas-belajar" guys just turn me off. seriously.
5- I don't believe in tremendously handsome guys, Nabi Yusuf is an exception okay.
6- I have already planned my life after graduation (including family matters; kids, home, car).
7- One of my teeth is senget, and I wanna tame it with metal rods. but that idea received many objections -.-
8- I was dumb(stupid really) during my lower secondary years, but worked my ass off for PMR and onwards.okay, maybe not like that. I just didn't understand the concept of exams.tehehe.
9- I loooooooovvvvvveeeeeee chocolate +__+  ie; Bueno & Toblerone.
10- I hate it when I don't understand what I'm supposed to be understanding. ie; others' feelings.

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