Sunday, August 21

when I thought everything on my homework list was crossed,

Salam :)

Yes, relatively OBVIOUS to the post title; just when I thought everything on my homework list was crossed.

It wasn't.

   Oh boohoo tasha, you now have no life. SO, just make the best of your no-life-ness -__- When I thought I wanted to complete the last Trigo tutorial, the questions became, ugh. Can't say it, tak baik. ILMU- kena hormati :) When I thought my fb notifications stopped coming in,
heck no, it didn't.

Nak komen ini lah,

Mahu mengata yang itu dan itu lah,

Biasalah manusia, bila aku upload album baru berduyun-duyun ikan duyung korang nak condemn sana sini. HAHAHA! but whatevah pun, thanks guys! Chilled me back a bit dpt jumpa korg, wahai ex-ex saya ♥ i miss youuuuuuuuuuu!

This is another "post-utk-release-frust-sebab-wifi-seldom-sucks-saya-tak-dapat-continue-project-Zee Avi-saya" hee :) 
The End.

Tuesday, August 16

for you, sweetheart ♥

salam :)

This entry is typed ezpezhially for you sweethearts out there.

  • Argument 1) menipu kalau tasha cakap tasha boleh meng-thankyou semua yg wished
  • Argument 2) I'm way too busy of a lady to do so. cehh. tampar kang?!
Truthfully, I wasn't really expecting for anyone to really, really, really wish. but haktuih, zaman sekarang dkt facebook dah terang tang tang dy tulis TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY. macam lah aku tatau -__- hee. funny. but I guess itulah kegunaan nye, facebook holds the key to the door of birthdays where kalau kau tak hengat bday member bukak je page dy tu. nah, terus teringat. Speaking of which, tadi ada kawan tasha sorg 'terharu' sbb tasha igt birthday dy, in 4 months time. like, exactly 4 months. 

She was like, "yeayyy !! tasha ingt aku punye buffday *rasa nak menangis*"
So I went like, "eh mon, jgn nangis lagi mon!"
She tambah lagi, "terharu yang amat sangat HAHA "

"JGN TERHARU SGT MON :3" <-- I meant this, literally

cricket cricket, padahal.... = . ="

Now, I wonder if I should say to her that hey mon, aku nmpak bday kau dekat profile kau. I know, I'm like zeeeee bestest best friend evahhh! 

 So, anyway. Teharu-ly, mmy roomies celebrated my birthday the previous nite. aww aww, sob sob. Sumpah aku cakap korang nyanyi kuat gila kot, org 2 floor bawah pun denga sekali :) but anyways, thanks gals! I feel appreciated, ceceh. With my parents far away, korang lah replacement family aku. huyoo, ayat boleh jiwang lagi tak? -___- 

Aqsa, sebab kau aku tak dapat nak achieve 100lbs aku -__- ceh, blame org plak. HAHA. but anywhoo, the cakes were faaaabbbbb :)  nasib tak gedempol je aku. hahaa. danke graci merci tacka innaporingge I wish to u ^^

Wednesday, August 10

kenapa boys taknak kawan dengan girls?

salam :)

Hello akhi dan ukhti sekalian<--- cehh, I saw this on the wall of one of my fb groups thingyy. So anyways, kenapa lelaki tanak kawan dgn perempuan? curious enough.

This post relatively is about what happened, has happened and is happening to me right now. I like making friends and I love being friendly. That's just me. I don't know lah kalau ada" je yang nak pandang serong terhadap my "friendliness" kan, but who cares nyah. Sometimes being friends with guys feels better than having girlfriends. sometimes. jangan salah faham, puhleez.

And then again, conflicts just have to menyibuk-nyibuk. Kenapa apabila there's a guy and a girl, and they're good friends, when the guy finds out that the girl actually is "with" someone, he straight away (or gradually) backs off and decides not to let that friendship remain? Okay aku faham lah alasan dyorg: "takut nanti boipren dy marah" , "alamak, red light la weyh. stay awayyyyy, far awayyy!" and so on so forth.
That's just it, I. DON'T. GET. IT.

Oh so kalau dah "berpunya" tak boleh kawan laa?

Is that it? sigh. I don't know whether it's just me who seem to take this matter as something err, that matters? yeah. Because preserving friendships is very, very, VERY important to me. Based on personal experiences lah, I have come to learn that to throw away something so valued with someone who may be a person of great importance is a great shame. bak kata my neighbour se-balcony, "what a waste!" and she's effing right.

In short, I find it sad that this teeny problem even occurs these days. I mean, come on lah. Bukannye korg buat salah pun kalau nak berkawan. It only offends the other person all the more when all of a sudden you neglect him/her without warning. It hurts, really. cehh, touchy plak aku ni. kay, bye. 
Just sharing what I thought ought to be :)

Tuesday, August 9

day 2; 10 day challenge


   SUBHANALLAH, panasnye weyh. serious tak tipu. humid, bahang, and hidung aku constantly sweat'in like a pigh -__- most probably sebab nak hujan, and then bila hujan sejuk sgt lah pulak. mcm duduk London *memetik ayat Nadira Azhar* plak UM ni. haaha nad. seres ayat kau paling best.

1- Finding Nemo
2- Monsters VS Aliens
3- The Emperor's New Groove
4- Lion King I
5- Ratatouille
6- Up
7- The Incredibles
8- The Chicken Run
9- Toy Story 2
10- A Bug's Life
 If you happen to like any of the movies above, please like banyak-banyak entry ini *iaitu these two check-boxes below this entry post :)

Sunday, August 7

not too late is it?

salam :) 

okay macam makcik mereng mana je. First things first, I suppose it's not too late for me to wish kan? So, 

HAPPY RAMADHAN AL-MUBARAK to all muslims anywhere and everywhere!

Bila tengok balik, it seems that I am on the verge of becoming half adult. soon! homaigoshh nyah. tak lama lagi aku pun sama tua dgn Mr. A. cehh, apa kaitan? entah I saje gatai nak letak nama dy dekat sini ^_^ sorry dear.

Haritu Midsem test baru ovaahhh, and it was at first that I thought chances of me achieving a 4 pointer was a possibility! ceceh. but ekkkkk! Huge red light stopped me then and there, on the very last day. last paper.
dear Physics. sigh.

WHY OH WHY. learning the course itself isn't all that hard actually. but idk. I guess numbers just don't like me. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE numbers. Ezpeshially on ze notes. lagi banyak kosong lagi bagus. HAHA. because when you think about it, waktu sekolah dulu pun I could ace the subject (as in dapat A lah sekurang"nye) dekat bahagian essay and paper 3 and all that. Paper 1 mesti kapcai gila. yes, saya tak pandai lah macam kamu-kamu kann. I'm alwaaayyysssss careless. sedih dol. So, Jadi, melayu sikit, bila midsem ni semua soalan keluar objective. matiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. That's all there was to it. ending.

That evening, to celebrate the joy, the girls and I went out. oh girls just wanna have fu-un. okay. I guess when almost every store had SALE SALE SALE on their glass windows, ape lagi. attaaack! and I bought a lil sum'in sum'in which helped -a little- me getting over my physics test :(

Prettaaayyyy ain't it? hee. I know I got good taste. bluekh. happy berbuka semua. and utk siapa yang ada tanya pasal recipe macaroon and what not, nanti eh? InsyaAllah laa. because I don't have it with me right now. kena tunggu cuti or something. kolej babe, manada dyorg sediakan dapur. harapkan cafe jelaa -__-
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