Saturday, September 24

animation, whaat?

salam :)

Berkurun sudah daku meninggalkan kau, and there are several reasons to that. However, I find that it isn't necessary to say how so. So, without further adue let us move on <-- what the crap. 

   I am currently working on my final project for this semester which cuts 40 marks from my entire "portfolio" nanti which furthermore is hand-in required in order for me to bust myself into the design group. Please oh please, God help me out :S 

   I see no future for me IF (may it be true not *Shakespeare tone) I had been put into the non-design group as I would kill the ducks and cats here at 12th college if I must considering the fact that I would have to face new courses accounting Principles of Accounting, Laws and yedda yedda. Therefore, pleasee dear oh darling readers of mine. Thy prayers shall be of big assistance and gratitude :) end of Shakespeare tone. smiley face. 

My storyboard got a good review so far, from tutor "Razman-husband-of-actress-Nadiyatul"
I know, how cool is that? the actress part lah =="

okay, tang ni bukan cheq lukis.
 signature: Azhari Mohd Fuzi 

haha, I capub u. sorray!


Anonymous said...

nice comic.did your boyfriend drew that?lucky guy XD

wonderTASHA. said...

thanks :) and no..? he does not have anything to do with this post thankyoup -__-

Anonymous said...

what do you mean by 'he does not have anything to do with this post' if it's his drawing? what a sweet thing to promote his drawing :)

wonderTASHA. said...

he's my friend, excuse you :) thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

You seem to have an affection towards him.mind my manners, i just see you guys together a lot. and your welcome!

wonderTASHA. said...

uhuh, well I don't know how you interpret what you see and clearly u're a Pasum student kan? Whatever pun, he's just like a brother to me and if anyone has a problem with that they should just face me :) I can be friendly. thanks!

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