Monday, November 5

Hear me talk!

Salam :) 

SO, I made this tutorial some time ago. It is in fact the very first tutorial that I happen to speak in, just a trial. Questions? Tweet me @ULTRANATASHA! 


Salam :)

Have you ever felt like there comes the era or period of time when you just need or want to block yourself out from the entire world? Like sleeping in under the covers, not talking to anyone, having the house to yourself during Fall (wth does this relate to?) is the only good thing to do. Well, that's how I felt. It literally felt as if you wanted everyone else to disappear and let the whole planet be yours and yours alone. Like there wasn't anyone who you felt you needed to rely on or be comfortable with because being alone meant 

  1.  No people
  2. Therefore, no problem

Pfssh, yeah. Too bad we're only human and that God created us to live in pairs or in communities. Because that's just how things work. I guess I've come out of my "hibernation" and ready to face the world again. And hopefully this time, the winter comes in later. Better yet, don't come at all.
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