Friday, October 28

Finally :D

Salam :) 

First and foremost,
to my dearest raisin! 

   I know we haven't been in contact, like, thoroughly due to both of our busy schedules and truthfully,
I feel sad about it :( tapi biasalah, nak SPM lagi hardcore maa, awak tu kena jaga diri elok" nak exam ni, never think that at this point, nothing is worth doing. Everything is, really. Although it might sound corny and all that I'm wishing you like this, I still hope that you do remember me at times ( lol ) and it puts me at ease knowing that someone else is there with you dekat oh Semesta SBT tuu. hew hew.

   So happy 17th dear Raz Iskandar Hakim, I hope even with your temporary 'occupation', you still would have the time to sit back and enjoy your special day :) All the best with your exam, or trials. I miss ya, hope to see you soon! 

So, some might wonder where I've been hibernating for this past almost-a-month, and..some might not even care. but whatever. Heck yeah, I've been busy. Today was our second last paper, Microeconomics. 
God Only knows the relief! 
Yet again, there are still stressing matters that well, when I think about it freaks me out. This applies to from before our Final Exam week began until now -because;

1) I had my Final Project to complete.
   During this 3-week period, I think I almost went bald. yes, botak! banyak betul dugaan U__U
The task was to make an animation- hand drawn! phew, if I were DaVinci that would be lemon squeezy. However, I live in my sad sad world, reality. #sigh

So this was my very,very first animation video and as you can clearly witness, tak matang kan? 
I mean in terms of editing and shots lah whatnot. How was I to know we were to be tasked to do something that involves taking 300 shots of our own drawings? kalau tsha tahu, ada lah rasa nak bawak stand kann. sigh again.
Alhamdulillah, although I wasn't granted any awards that night or dapat title Best Animation, I was nominated for the 6 best drawings. hee :) That paid off,  I guess since this project took me 2 frickin and arsh-biting days to complete. bajet tak? hik hik *nada gedik*

2) I had my Architectural Drafting papers to redo.
Redo means to re-do the assignment, yg mana my papers were (almost all) B+, officially sad. #sobs
And I guess it was our luck that my group punya lecturer returned our assignments last minute, and there were TWELVE papers in all. Two Fridays in a row I didn't sleep sebab nak siapkan kerja and on the third friday I could only manage 3hours. plus I had this:

Extra assignments, kena buat free-hand. I tak pakai ruler yeuw, ni pung main hantam saja la. Lecturer cakap, just "copy". hmmm, :) scale tarak, apa tarak. belasah jela. Aku ikut sejibik-sejibik kertas brief tu. hew hew.

And to top it all off, tomorrow I have to submit all my assignments in one giant A2 portfolio. and we're binding it this afternoon -__-  which means, malam ni maybe tak tidur lagi sebab nak kena decorate the portfolio pulak. #sigh
Next week, Environmental Studies- LAST PAPER 

After that, ciou cincau :) 
Pray for our success too, please? InsyaAllah.

up next: Macaroon recipe and possibly a tutorial! 

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