Monday, November 14

Pashmina's&Pins: Casual for Class


Well hello girlies,

I've been meaning to do this for quite some time now, and I've finally made my videoo! Yipee! 
At first I was scared to really make one considering the many vloggers out there who you are more recognized to and they themselves now are 'public figures', sorta. So anyways, I've made this one for those who've asked me or came up to me in my room or wherever(alot at college la).

This look is inspired by,..well, I don't really know. haha! A bit of this and that there, and voalah! I made it my own, I guess. However, there are some steps of this style that you may find other vloggers "doing" too. But that's just it you know. The world is pretty small.

So, you can pretty much catch me wearing this style back at UM or PASUM or just the RC areas and so on so forth. It's the easiest look! 

Plus, it's not too messy like some you've witnessed others kan? #perasanbetul 
Commento seel vo play? (:


syariedasaharuddin said...

shaaa ! comelnyaa.i suke <3

syasya said...

comel.. and awesome. voila!

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