Wednesday, February 2


tadi raisin text.LOL, its funny bila fikir balik at the fact that he didnt have my new number?? tape, nasib baik sy sayang dy.

tashabes: razzzzzz.
raisin: spe ni??
i hope he could imagine how my facial expression was. dush! haha. i miss you lah bro.

duduk di rumah ni membuatkan saya sentiasa mengimbau zaman lampau :( 

my 'crash-down-from-the-top-of-mount-everest-ke-dalam-longkang' moment lasted quite a while whilst i was still in school. as a student. di asrama. aspuri dan sekolah. dgn mykmykmyk punya homeworks. there were times when i felt like a breakdown was a logical conclusion to my sadistic hostel-life. tapi kan, tapi kan. besides my gfs, i had and still have these two heroes. they were there and they had my back. i can cry now.LOL. if only they would understand how much i 
would jump in front of a plane for them. may God bless you loves

i dont have a brother.well, not a biological one lah. and dear, you're the closest to one yet! sy masih igt last day 2010 di depan dema. mata bengkak, suara serak, persaan tidak tenteram. tiba",
you: ehem!
me: eh? *sengih
and that was what? the first time i actually borak dgn awak face to face-.- dushh, tembak kamu. lol. i'm sorry i had to cry in front of you. haha, cengeng eh?  i thanked you for being there alot along the way and sekarang i'm not as worried tht akaq tade di sekolah utk tgk kamu. my adik dorm will take good care kan kan?
nama calon: Raz Iskandar Hakim bin Zakaria
wawasan ur sys for u: 9A+'s SPM

 bukan gambar sebenar. posed by a model ^^
hey you! i know at some point you will be reading this.err, i hope. lol :)
mr. A, im sorry if u are not comfy with this post, but this is my blog kan? sy jujur kpd blog sy. and of course, to you as well. ada org pena tnya, "korg kenal bpe lama?" and truly, i dont know what to say because i feel like i've known you my whole life. *here comes the poyo part.
you are my sunshine, my only sunshine
you make me happy, when clouds are grey
you never know dear how much i love you
please dont take my sunshine away
(i think mcm salah je lyrics dy? haha)
you mister, are a tremendous as a dear friend. and yet u are soooooooooo much more than that :) my prayers are always with you and like i said, if we get the chance, we will meet again

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