Sunday, February 6

im not being ungrateful, ok?

wow wow, tidak tahu na story2 ape :/ everyday i'd go online and peek through my friends' activities. pegi sana pegi sini, pegh. gila jelos kut. i dont mean to be whiny but, tamau daaaa duduk sini :(
*sob sob

mom pena bce my status di fb and misinterpreted my actual er..state of emotion =.=' its not that i dont like living here in sarawak, its the fact that i have no real people to hang around with. and orang selalu berkata2, "pegi lah cari kawan!?" or "jiran kan ada". booo, loser gila aku. how is it to make friends here when i dont even know how to speak the local dialect in the first place? fuuhh, gila sadis lah begini. im happy that my dad got promoted here and all but i think kuching seriously should come up with a 'Bored-To-Death High School Graduates at Home' society thingy or wtv. at least sy akan ada something benefitial to do. and maybe meet up with new people. grr!
friends, i miss you.

oh and mr. A, my mom is getting curiouser and curiouser.LOL^^ and it's funny! haha

1 comment:

alisandra iman :) said...

hahaha lupa pulak budak nih dah tak pegi sekolah. haha :P

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