Wednesday, February 9

makanan sihat. do try this (;

ehh..u tau x ulat sagu? mnde tue kat sabah ker sarawak?
srwk.sabah tatau lah ade ke tak
u pnh mkn x?
no. ewwwww. gila tanak
hahaha..mnde tue bley mkn x? seres i nak try klo boley..
mmg bole
mesti lemak manis jek..
halal je ma. tp EW. groossss, sumpa tanak
pg serawak.itu mnde 1st i nak syok jer..
cari lah u. senang je
mkn ulat..
haha.baik u try.
kaya ngn protein..
kulit tmbh berseri..
kulit menjadi gebu..
bagai ulat sagu..
-facebook IM: aku Quman, Natasha Johanif

well, let's see apa if mamat ni cakap betul ke ta? as soon as we were off this topic, terus i research! bhahaha, gelabah je kan -.- and according to the right sources (lah kut?). erm, excuse moi, i only copypaste ye di sini tp terpaksa edit sbb grammatical errors byk. ngarut je, patut internet menonjolkan contoh yg baik, not teach crappy english? LOL;

This article is to introduce readers the unique food in Malaysia, the Sagu Worm.

Fresh Sagu Worm

These are fresh sagu worms which apparently are still alive. It is very famous in Sabah and Sarawak. In the picture shows that people sell sagu worm in local markets, but not all markets offer the sagu worms. People in Malaysia believe that the sagu worm have high protein and is good for health. It can be eaten fresh and don't need to be cooked. Remember do not eat its head, because its head cannot be eaten.

BBQ Sagu Worm

The picture shows you that seller in market also sell the BBQ sagu worm. The smell is different from the BBQ chicken. Some sellers provide many different types of sauces to their customers. Find it out, if you have a chance to visit Malaysia.

orang makan ulat sagu- LIVE punya ;) 

aku tgk video ni, bulu roma na gugur, anak tekak dah lompat2 -.- huwekkk!

cuba dgr betul2 dy komen ape on how the ulat tastes. grosssssssssssssssssssss!
dah, puas hati dah i tunjuk ni dekat you? hope u'd still be looking forward to eating it =.=' (gross, gross)


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