Monday, January 31

looking through a girl's purse

girls, what do you do when suddenly out of nowhere a masked guy dressed in black; black turtle-neck sweater(most probably if dy pandai bergaya, Padini) and khakis steps up from behind you and then stranggles you with his arm? if it were me i would,
  1. try to scream, but then dy mesti tutup mulut sy kan
  2. jilat tangan dy. eww, might as well taste salty =.=' dont like that.
  3. try to bite him of course! i have veryvery sharp teeth *kaching!
  4. elbow his stomach; but if he has massive hott abs, this would probably not work as much. mr. A, if ur reading this, jgn prasan. dont test ur abs-hardness now.haha! kidding dear^^
  5. PULL HIS HAIR. we girls like that kan kan ? :)

i ta rasa pun i can do all these things. sy kecik dan tulus lagi kudus apetah lagi COMEL, and doing karutan di atas ini mcm mip lah plak. haha.

so, really. apakah yg bole kita lakukan sebagai seorg "wanita" apabila di-ter-attack?
  1. blankkk. smack the guy in the face with your purse lah! if you're a real girl, your purse would be heavy enough to produce a momentum(cehh!) yg cukup to make him go 'oof!'
  2. if your bag is opened-which it's not supposed to-grab your mascara! and poke his eye :) seyes, sy sndri pun penah tercocok, SUMPA pedih! this tip is hard sb u have to think fast (; 
  3. spray your perfume up his nose. but maybe in his eyes pun bole ^^ yes, sy tahu our wangi2 itu penting dan every titis berharga. big deal =.=' beli baru lah.
  4. baling your sikat at him! haha, simple kan. stall all you can if u cannot fight.
  5. tarik your beady  necklace(if sanggup and if murah) and campak atas lantai. if u're lucky, nnt dy wobble wobble and then gedebuk!
  6. pepper-spray. NO, bukan dalam mulut dy lah bijak-.- i dunno lah plak about this since i've never really had the chance to come across pepper-sprays sold in kedai runcits ?
  7. okay, last if nothing works. just runawayyyyy. sy tatau na kasi apa lagi advice sb i sndri pun ta pena kna attack nan masked-men. sbb i have mr. A! is that right? lmao, corny gilaa.but betul la, i cant lie :)

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