Wednesday, February 16

mr. A, you ARE strong. okay? =D

13:14 pm.

   I was in the car during this particular time. brr! brrrr! *phone vibrated. it said:

uuu, im feeling down.

SMACK! terus terbayang satu illusional punch up my nose. apakah yg terjadi?
as soon as i read the first 10 words of the text message, kembang bulu hidung. LOL, what kinda analogy is that? stupid, ke metaphore? aghh, dah lupa dah language nii. hahaha :P

Mr. A was having a nervous break-down. well....sort of. confused anyways, he was having quite a hard time di kolej. nawwwww, i'm so sorry dear u have to endure the whole thing. don't be sad, because hearing your voice croak only made me want to frickin fly back to kl that instant!
u really need a big, big HUG; from me of course! heeeeebig hug 

there's always a first time to everything right? and those first times do not necessarily come out in the best of ways, shapes or forms. and in this situation, i can only help and remind u that HE who does not asses any part of the ummah with hardships and privations of which they can't handle -2:286, 6:152, 7:42, 23:62. okay? it's everywhere in the hadiths. and i very much believe it ;)

you do belong there, you seriously do. Skype emoticons-65-muscle *your very ,very strong arm, see?

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