Tuesday, February 22


semalam i fasted :) alhamdulillah, i made the day through. saya sgt mengaku that sometimes i tend to lupa diri and stuff but that's what the human race is, pelupa! me in major. saya sangat disappointed dgn diri sendiri for not making the best of my life when i actually know He is guiding and watching me all the way. and yesterday, i feel that i've actually come to realise that i have someone who seems to be more than just a person on my fb's friends list. he interprets me, and wraps up another whole new conclusion to what he sees. although younger, he inspires me. he likes to talk about me, who i am and what's on the "inside". lol, ayat aku sumpa corny but..it's true. so for that,

thank you so much Ahmad Wazir Aiman :) u've made me turn back to my sources and i really will try my best and listen to what you've said malam tadi. and i'm sorry :( lillah, i am.Skype emoticons-06-crying

please forgive me.

Skype emoticons-79-headbang sillytasha.

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