Tuesday, February 8

2 days still.

8, my fave number! and currently 10 isnt -.- lol. okay, here's the deal. he's moving on to the next part of life and im not. well not yet, not in a few months anyways;) in two days, you'll be going dear and i couldnt be anymore proud and happier for you than i am right now. honest. lepas ini, no more texts. no more extreeeemely, and ridiculously long phone calls. no more sleeping half an hour before subuh prayer. no more laughing out loud in my room until mom comes knocking saying "kakak! tidur!". no more excessively using the top-up dad gives. 

wait, PAUSE !

okay so i'm over-doing this =) there will be texting, short calling2s, sleeping (only earlier), laughing hiena-ly in my room. cuma, not as much.

i'll do nothing but miss u.
okay okay, enough with me being moany. *sheesh, what a  crybaby =.='

i like this. i have this. i miss this. it's on the screen of my hp♥ see? i tgh cilok amek gmba while u were typing
your tounge is sticking out dear, and so is mine :) hahh, u npk mcm leadsinger MCR, Gerard Way. gelap gila, i can hardly see u oh. grr!

mr. A, be a good,good boy. okay?

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