Friday, February 11

wokayh, seperti kebiasaan; membosankan diri di rumah. and it is "immuning" into the pores in my skin --' and then..
saya terfikir this one random question; 

Can pimples REALLY, i mean literally grow on your arse? Can it?!
ambitiously, i pegi lah buat mini research saya sendiri. and on Yahoo!, i found some relative as well as gilalawak punya arsenswers to my question. here are my findings :)

RELATIVE answer                                                                                                

phat bahsturd
05/22/04, 12:07 PM
Oh god. This morning i woke up with a horrific pain coming from my ass. Well actually, I could feel the pimple kinda yesterday but it's really killing me today. I was planning to go out for a longish ride but there is NO way. The pimple is right under my sit bone too.

I don't think it's a saddle sore, because i haven't been riding very much. Last time i got on the bike was last week. But the thing is, i seem to be getting these pimple looking things really frequently, and they always come at the worst times. I don't know if it's because of my age (18), or whether i'm not eating right, or not sleeping enough. But somebody out there has to know what it's like... I'd really like to know if there was something i could do to get rid of this.

BTW, i don't even have very much acne on my face and on other parts of my body. LOL i'm not the stereotypical greasy faced teenager.

LAWAK answers  =.='                                                                                            

ironic lagi lawak kan this ad sy ltakkan sekali di sini? HAHA!

will my poops pop my ass zits?

Posted 02.13.2004 by Poonurse
Tina asks:
My question is not neccesarily about poop. But I have these red bumps that look like zits around my ass hole. They're even down by my legs. What are they and can they break while letting my load go?

Thanks for the question! I have never been troubled by ass zits, but I see many patients that have them.
Shave WITH the grain, never ever AGAINST the grain.
Some 80 grit wet-N-dry may work.
Rough them up with your kitchen cheese grater.
Lay off the anal.
If the above suggestions do not help, you can simply wash them with some acne soap, or show your ass to a dermatologist.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pimples spell the word Arse



okay, so my findings were not a big of help. bodo +.+' 
type je can pimples grow on your butt , this is what i get. mungkin kajian saya ini memerlukan a teensy bit more effort. no worries, i'll find the solution. one day ;)

Nabilah Natasha's conlusion: YES, it can :D :D

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wonderTASHA. said...

bila tgk balik, the guy up there looks like my friend! james, hahaha! sian kau.

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