Wednesday, January 26

kpop menjana tranformasi. yes?

   first thing first, sy bukan one of those kpop lunatics kay? sy minat, dan berpada" :) *ting! i dont like tracking down loads after loads after loads of mv's and have to wait for hours depan lappy. +.+
sy ambil tahu, bob my head along with the music, nyanyi nyanyi, drool over the korean hotties and that's all. bukan bila jumpa je lagu baru (konon je tu, padahal dah bapak lah lama nye, dy sorang je rasa dy updated), i go

ahhhhhh! lagu ni lagu ni!
eiiiii, mv ni baru aku tau.GILA BEST!

seriously people, stop it. it's gross. well, i dont mind u doing it act, not at all. it only makes u look jakun, syg. we all are pros, aren't we? chillax sudeyh =)

so di sini sy mau share abit of what i like eh? sbb act, i was gilaa punya sedeyh tahap cipan(sian cipan dpt nma) that the other day i didnt get the chance utk pegi tgk b2st, 4minute and G.Na dtg kl. wuuuuuuuu!
:'( :'( :'(
*special thanks to nurul izzati binti mazlan yg telah memberi maklum awal tntg perkara ini.
plus, JJ and Ian kejam.LOL, i heard them talking to G.Na on sob sob.

before any of that, let me introduce u to (garrr, geram =P) the one who puts butterflies in my stomach:

i wanna eat you, YOON DOOJOON.haha, okay i dont.
err, Mr. A dearest, he's just a fantasy kay? i'll always be your ultimate cheerleader ♥ ♥ ♥

wah, iloveyou.iloveyou.iloveyou !


this music video here features my i-want-to-eat-you-doojoon :)
hell yeah, jelos gila dy cuddly2 nan G.Na.nasib baik cantik
it's about doojoon and ofcos lah, they were in love and bla bla bla. then one day, he cheated on her. ape lagi? buno diri! ekk, nope.salah.she just lets him go :( doojoon sedeyh, upset upset apa semua. he regrets and they went on with their lives.cehh, idk what happened after that.
let me translate :)
I’ll back off so you can live
Say it directly, looking at me
Say it looking into my eyes
Did you just say you wanted to break up?
Did you want to end it with me?
(I Know) You probably got a lady
(I Know) You probably got sick of me
Even though the tears are rushing to me
I’ll back off so you can live
That is all I can say
I’ll forget you so you can live better
So that you’ll be happy without me
The love that you tossed away, you can take it
Don’t even leave a trace behind and take it all
Don’t even say you’re sorry
Don’t worry about me
Your were lips that which told me that you were going to leave
Why does it give me a reason to be angry today?
I need to stop you, the words don’t go out
And you are already moving far apart
(I know) You will forget me
(I know) I will really hate you
Even though you know everything
You! The reason I lived
You! Were all I wanted
You! It was me who only looked at you
Why? Why are you leaving?
Why? Why are you tossing me away?
If you were going to be like this
Why did you love me in the first place?
Do you happen to remember that day?
That day when we first met
I still remember it
The promise you made to me
That you will only care for me
That you will only protect me
That you will only love me
I believed your lies, I believed it
Did you really love me?
I’ll forget you so you can live better
okay so the translation macam pelik. but if u menghayati, it's sad really. enjoy ^^

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