Tuesday, January 25


one thing i dont like about waking up, 

morning breaths, eww !
betul bukan? gross. even if its my breath. u know i think there should be something, like some kind of gadget helps u curb(erm?), halang lahh , ur stinky morning breath. sbb just brushing ur teeth isn't much of help =.='
the gadget thingy can like clean ur mouth while u sleep ! ahaaa,..no, that's stupid. but whoever comes up with the ultimate idea, should totally be rewarded a nobel prize.LOLs :) or otherwise, sediakan toothbrush awk on the bedside table! wahhhh, creative creative.

nahhh, even more stupid+.+

pic by lopes(as signed, duhh) from toonpool.com :)

okay like this, well..this is just plain ridiculous kan?  ugh, lupakan this idea. it's a good thing hp aren't that too darn, canggih-ed and high-teched that people can smell u over the conversation!
why? sebab pagi tadi sy kejut Mr. A for subuh. like always lah ^^ grr, bapak malunye if he could smell me over the phone. ahahaha! *green atmosphere, awk phm tak what that means?

here, in Kuching the solah prayer times are different if compared to West M'sia (an info for those oblivious)haha. so once i'm done with performing my solah, i would wake Mr. A up! and at one time he was like,

 "ohhhh. what time is it? enam dua pulo"
" awalnye u kejut!"
"oh, that's right. korang kan awal"

see? i think morning breaths jugak make u speak "bla". morning language? probably so =) okayy, ta mandi lagi nih. hahahahah, ambik kau! but no worries, i do not odourise the atmosphere into greenery.
for now, abientot :)

and no, please  dont say it like Mr. A does. it is very well NOT pronounced abontot !

=.=' ughh.

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