Monday, January 24

okeh, NOW we're gettin somewhere :)

step ONE

So, here i am writing my thoughts out for u to read =.=' act, i have been thinking about making a blog of my own before this, laaaaaaaaaammmmmaaaaaa dah, tapi ugh, MALAS :) i am very sure u understand. other logical reasons to why i've only started blogging today as we speak:
  1. i'd be blogging 24/7. YES!
  2. and because of that, u of anyone who reads this will become my ultimate and inofficial stalker. ^^
  3. i would not get my beauty sleep
  4. mom would be very,very,very,very angry
  5. my homeworks would be stalled. 
  6. cikgu mara la, ta siap?
  7. sy na focus SPM dulu :)
  8. ahh, malas lah tulis list ni +.+
Soooo, technically. now, you know the short-story of it :D

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