Friday, January 28


i dont know if dkt m'sia ramai kenal this group or not sbb dorg bukan like backstreet boys, or westlife or jonas brothers or wtv else lah. the reason sy na promoto promoto mereka is because i think they're one of those groups without controvs like miley and all those. myk myk scandals and those stupid things they tend to do to attract attention from the press. childish, childish act kan? =.='

anak bangsa Sweden, (a scandinavian country in northern europe in case kau tataw =P), i just like listening to their songs. description;
ABBA generation
kenal ABBA? tahu lagu Mamma Mia? if u do, bodo lah kalau tatau A-Teens sbb each song form their Greatest Hits album hit Top20 kutt and that it'd sold 6mill copies worldwide.*excuse my strong "opinions". they're re-lived ABBA, only they renewed ABBA's songs into our kind of music. originally ABBA Teens, tp lama2 tukar jd's just a shame that dorg dah split in '06 ^^ish, suka suka mereka.
Dhani, Marie, Sara and Amit ;)

tak kenal maka tak cinta.
my faves by mereka;

this one tade mv, just listen. aww, ta tahan la na dga =(

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