Monday, January 24

daily, almost daily ;)

So, bila SPM dah habis ni, di rumah semestinya BANYAAAAAKKK mnde na buat kan?NOT. hahaha :D and that's why sy ada solution terbaik utk anda semua yg ingin kelihatan cantik, menarik dan tertarik sebelum results kita menjelma! *note this does not go to PLKN candidates, i am very and truly sorry

ohh yeahh, RUN BABY RUN! and no, please dont drink and run. it will:
  • pancit kan you :P
  • make u dizzy whilst running
so, yes the picture isn't the best role model tp sy tiada snap of myself running on the treadmill sambil buat peace (i'll try snapping next time kay),lol. the key is never drink too much before u start running and if na makan dont eat at least 3 hours before. or not you will end up cleaning ur own vommit on the tread mill :)
plus plus, i can say that this is probably the easiest way to slim ur buttocks down, ladies. or otherwise u nak jalan2 di taman pun boleh. jalan2 lah kau for 3 hours, unlike me. i like the faster way; which is to go faster, walk faster, RUN FASTER =)
just an hour a day is enough my deerest *no, i ta sala eja. i dont mean to spell 'dearest'.tq

fiuh, fiuhhhhh +.+

I made it-ALIVE from on the treadmill lah, with that i thank the Most Merciful and Most Gracious. okayy, to tambah" sikit to what i've just posted recently atas ni as u can totally see(if ur not blind, pardon me) the running thing. yeahhh, erm. the 'one hour' part, i seriously and literally mean one hour.
why  is this highlighted? sebab i sooooo know that if u run on that treadmill or even around the lake or mana" lah, for exactly 'one hour', your so-called-hour wont turn out to be one hour after all as it goes out like this:

first 10 min:  woot, woot SEMANGAT ^^
20 min:     start jogging dah dy.
23 min:       ugh ugh ugh..
30 min:       jalan jalan plak??
35 min:       adehh, duduk lah kejap :)
37 min:       adoii, penat nye. menyesal aku stop, dah ta bole start lari dah =.='
40 min:      (cursing urself) eh get ur ass off the bench, you fatso
42 min:       start jog balik.
45 min:      fuuuhhh.semput semput!
47 min:       cramps, shit!
48 min:      aghhhhh...sakit
50 min:      ok ok, dah baik sikit *weee, HAPPY face. semangat balik lah konon =P
52 min:      cuba lari balik, tapi nafsu na minum membuak" 
55 min:      argghh, give up !
58 min:      malas lahh. 

okay, so that's what would most probably happen to loads and loads of girls out there. including moi, once upon a time ago laa =) hee. so if when u're running, bring a timer lah! sb if u dont, this is what happens=.=' u say u dah "lari" for an hour, but cuba kira balik? cepat! how long was it really that u betul" basahkan ketiak.haiyyyaa. or if u're on the treadmill, set for more than 60 minutes. make sure that at least u try to run half the time u've set :)
then as for the rest, jog, power walk, crawl, mengesot, whateva !
oh and as for drinking, just take sips in between runs/jogs. dont gulp in half ur water bottle because u'll just end up like this :
semput, penat, dahaga, and messed up. because u've been trying to get ur damn butt to kempis2 tapi cant stick to damn logic +.+ minum air byk byk time tgh lari, berat lah syg oy, duhh!

pstt! for the record, td sy lost 700calories in the first 40min. and 1100+ calories after 1hr10min. i dunno if thats 'sikitt' for u bigshots-supermodels kan, but sy rsa it's pretty sensible and achievable for those yg just mau turunkan berat ;) just try to stick to my tips, kay ladies?

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