Wednesday, January 26

family nite is always a bash !

i was going through a few albums in this lappy, gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa byk gmba. ntah bila na cuci pun tatau -__- tgk lah, my superdupergilabapaktrestresverysangat besa punya family :) and this pun baru 2/5 of it. if u cant say that this is one example of a happy family, i dont know what is ^^

lepasan SPM 2010 sahaja bole amek gmba :)

 and then,.......

DAD becomes the host.
*take note his expressions and poses,err.the one in pink !
 Mr. A, this was the time yg i cite of how i ta tahan na gelak tu sb my dad bwat aksi tah pape tah time lucky draw=.=' act, ni baru sikit je gmba. there are more, tp ta larat mehh na upload semua :) i swear, if u were there u would probably join arep aka topek bwat pot kat blkg nan i. fiuhh!
btw, gmba i kt atas ni lah when i dpt hadiah tu. i'm lucky kan kan?

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