Wednesday, April 27

GIRLS: 15 facts

salam :)

so, topic of the day is.. PEREMPUAN. why? entah la, tsha rasa mmg orang suka cakap pasal perempuan. kan? cuba tanya lelaki, kompremo de amor dyorg suka! either mengaku or not mesti suka lah, waraq ke tak waraq ke. depends lah, on their iiman. bergantung kepada how they kawal. kalau perempuan sendiri pulak, suka jugak topik ni. mengumpat! haha, okay ganas sangat tu. gossip Cute Cat Like/Curly Lips hehe.

 perasan tak, a MAJORITY of the common commercials mesti datang with the assistance of female models. Lamborghini, Ferrari kereta" hott korang tengok promote series dyorg pun pakai comel-comel punya peragawati (ceh, berbahasa pulak Squint) and dyorg pun mesti pakai itsy-bitsy punya skirts or skimpy dimpy punya red-leather pants. am i right or am i right? oke, enough merepek now.

did you know that..?
  1.  if a girl likes a guy, she can practically talk about him aaaaalllll the time 
  2. however, not necessarily with friends pun, some in their diaries!
  3. ada certain (yg lebih berani) lagi suka if kalau dy boleh berbaik" dgn si jejaka. in this way, she feels as if being his friend and preserving a great friendship puts her in "safe mode". listening to his problems, bla bla bla. AND the guy sometimes can't even tell if she's flirting with him since he would most likely ignore it and think hey, we're just friends. she didn't mean that
  4.  many girls can cook, but many of us like guys who can cook too!
  5. careful, girls hate it when guys insult their physical features. okay, maybe tak. tapi kalau selalu buat, she's bound to get pissed off someday.
  6. a lot of girls don't actually realize how pretty they are. SERIOUSLY, so kalau korang puji dia and she continuously denies it, it might actually mean she's that oblivious.
  7. 53% daripada kaum wanita tak keluar rumah without their make-up on!
  8. girls HATE being lied to, by loved ones especially. sebab 1) she might as well cannot trust you any further and 2) it shows that you dont trust them! the truth can be painful sometimes, and we get it lah. better bagitau the truth rather than lying and kantoi-ing in the future.
  9. a lot of us believe that actions speaks more than words. now what does that mean eh? maksudnya, ktorg boleh menyampah je dengan laki yg suka over2 dengan pujian neh. lidah macam jell-O, lembik! suka je kasi kata" manis, but in the end sama je. THEY BAIL! so if any of u guys wish to impress her, do something by means expressing how you feel instead of just simply talking about it. it doesn't work that way.
  10. apologize! hati perempuan ni lembut but careful, lembut2 pun boleh keras jugak! laki yang tak reti na mintak maaf ni mmg a pain in my arse lah ok, tasha jujur ni. maybe dy tak semestinya maafkan instantly but she'll get around lah. no worriesWink 
  11. girls can talk about the randomest things, with people they're comfortable with. so if she can talk about anything with you, it means she trusts you. so dont screw it!
  12. erm, ni tasha dah sebut dekat no. 6 tapi nak sentuh jugak. yes, eeeeverybody loves it when they're being complimented. so, apatah lagi us ladies kan? guys, dont worry bila nak puji si sayang anda. banyak banyak pun takpe, it will only make her feel appreciated. even if she says "stop it lah, mana ada!" ayat cover je tu, dy tatau na cakap apa sebab dy maluuu. lol^^
  13. IMPORTANTAYY! TOLONG LAH FAHAM when we're in the state of having our PMS' haha. (if tatau pms tu apa, google sendiri ek!) sebab no matter how u guys try to understand the circumstances, you actually never will LOL. just be patient and stay with her. we practically lose maybe half our consciousness when PMS-ing. 
  14. Girls are very self-conscious by nature, and the sooner you can accept that, the better!Grin They will always look at themselves in front of the mirror because they can't help it. eh, don't tell me guys dont bring tiny mirrors in their pockets kay? 
  15. GIRLS WILL ALWAYS THINK THAT THEY'RE FAT NO MATTER WHAT! haha, i sooo am not exaggerating eh, its true lah. it's the fact that they accept themselves for who they are or not. so guys, just try to help by being understanding. convince them, do whatever sensible lah  because this goes hand in hand with their self-consciousness issue from no. 14) 

okay tasha dah takde idea dah nii, so next time lah bila dah isi lagi tasha post . byee :)

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