Sunday, July 3


salam :)

So I went to the exhibition today! <--- note the excitement still -__-

 one word: inspirational.

and non, I waz nott exzibeeteeng ze stalls. I waz onli a visitorgh. :) however, I had so much fun. Thank you dearest Nurul Syuhadah Mohd Shabri for accompanying. I think I spent a heck lot of time ooing and aahing and wowwing and ohhhing. like, seriosly lah! tak tipu tipu punya.

lol. kata orang, nak mencari inspirasi lah kan.

I say, so what?! biarlah tasha nak korek sampai lubang hidong dorg pun. salah ke? :putnam:
It was my dad act whom suggested for me to go this pameran or whatnot. and he was right y'all -bajet Miley Cyrus kejap- it was helpful.
Helpful in terms of reassuring what I want to pursue in the coming future, how it all works, and how many of the components of the discipline itself cooperate and co-relate. Very aspiring lah is how I can put it into words. nak story sejibik" menggunakan keypadku ini pegi mampos lah weyh. banyak sgt. haha. unless nak ajak saya pergi sekali lagi, then OUI OUI. I'd love to!

Nevertheless, my feet couldn't help by beeing erm, just feet. At the end of the day, tapak kaki rasa macam kena salut simen. keras & sakit. yelah, merentas desa dari kolej sampai station Universiti -full speed, may I say- macam org marathon fast-walking pulak.

The whole thing gave me this tingly feeling, over-excited sangat lah kot tu- that I was terribly so overwhelmed macam orang jakun ^_^

okay sampai sini, I simply don't know how and what to describe how my day was today. apa yang penting (bukan kerjasama in this state), without realising it -until the moment I walked out of the halls- I had a terrific time! short:- kauorang sendiri lah pergi tengok! alritey, esok kelas.
AND nak bangun sahur <--- woot woot!

come on, dah bulan Sya'ban people ;D

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