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EMO week :)

salam :)

   Straight to the point: for Graphics Communication (just GC for short)  -belit-belit lidah aku nak pronauwn course ni byk" kali :3- "launched" off Emo Week two weeks ago. No actually, it wasn't exactly emo week as the activities were carried out for two days only. haha just during different weeks. but whatever. So, basically sampai sekarang pun ramai budak" course Hayat and Sains Fizikal would all go,

"Asal korang pakai baju biasa? BOLEH eh?" ehem, warna merah sebab tak puas hati. KOT. and they'd make their all-super-shocked faces (T.T) when they see us going off to class wearing jeans and all those other cool stuff we wear. puih! yes, please slap me. but not the nose!

It all started off when Ms Anum announced that we had to,
" pick...."

And I was like, say whut kita nak buat apa ni? fave song? unlisted bhai, like seriously.
She said, "write down the lyrics and memorize"

Like, psstttcchhhyeaah lah kan. kata fave kan, mcm pelik je tatau lyrics. padahal aku pinjam hp org jugak nak google lyrics. HEHE. but that was only because I was unsure. tehehe.

    While everyone was all worked up, (yela bab" music ni mmg youths today kenot stand if ya know what I mean) semua nak party like a rockstar je. lol: then, kapoww! semua kena tendang dekat groinds, even if the girls don't have any. *awkward statement* sebab we were all to perform the song, repeat, perform aka SING in front of everyone. and that we were marked. crapness.

yes, the red-circled heads were the judges : our tutors! and dare I say it, tutors GC semua hot hot! HAHA, ehem. Ms. Anum yg cakap -___- so we sang right infront of them, hee. segan gila nak mati.

yup, semua menyanyi dengan bergaya :)

But there were also those braver than others:D

they sang dekat depan terus bhai, unlike moi. malu malu.
ehem, I'm a debater okay. takde nye aku pergi melalak in front of a live audience. lol, sorry for the low quality. entah apa masalah camera when this photo was taken :)

    After all, dah nama pun EMO week. everything had to relate to EMO(tions, kot?) okay, that doesn't make sense =.= whatever and moving on; there was singing, so dancing pun mestilah ada! I know, korang mcm tak percaya kan kitorg ada kelas" macam ni? but yeah. it's true woman! (or man, if you are one)
   I'm guessing as the course itself is called Graphic Communication, thus semua benda yg berkaitan dengan komunikasi kitorg redah. Be it verbally, physically, mentally, emotionally, visually and byk byk lyly lagi :)

The task was to move your body parts (which later on looks like crappy "konon" contemporary dancing) according to a map we all drew on a piece of paper.

Here is my map: idk if you can see and understand, but who cares. HAHA.
I redrew it via Microsoft Paint. close enough.

So, the tutors held out our maps in front of us like so,

And we danced accordingly lah. with everyone else looking at you. no pressure.

And, and this is what happens when inexperienced teenagers try to "dance" contemporary;

Of course, I felt like my legs wanted to fall off. and that every move I made was silly.

Then again, some of us just had to get carried away. 

Dancing just got the adrenaline going! xD

But basically, when Ms Anum queried whether we had fun or not,
I said " YES! "

and as for tomorrow, here we come Rimbun Dahan: first field trip of the semester! yayy ^_^

credit to Ersyad's camera. and to the anon photographer =.=

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