Tuesday, May 24

I made my teacher cry :(

salam :) 
*entry ni di-type khas buat Syarieda! hehe bangga tak? bangga tak? && inspired by Mr.A sebab nak tulis balik pasal ni. hehe

  So, peeps. penyakit M has once again spread; across the vast area+volume of my body. okay, that sounds just plain wrong. errgh? lol. ignore it please. it seems like everyday for these past few days that I've been gluing my eyes to this Acer screen for far too much a day. ibu pun dah bising2, but then again. better dari dgn henpon jeee memanjang kan? eh no, sama teruk je sbnanye. =.= lol, no point.
anywayy, I just suddenly felt like sharing a piece of my past with you. erm, whoever you are at this very instant. ngee :3 


trial SPM, maybe SBP levels. kot lah? excuse my nyanyokness. saya pun pelupa laa hehe. one sunny day,

aidit: weh tasha. kau buat teacher Jami nangis eh?
shaa: what?! BILA MASA? 
aidit: yelah! tadi aku pegi bilik guru jumpa teacher. dy kata dy nangis baca esei kau.
shaa: *muka shocked gila nak mampos, mintak penyepak satu* 

  Psstttccchhyyyeaaahhh, I guess it is true. I'd made my teacher like, literally lah, menangis. and on the other hand, I felt as if,..it was an accomplishment? I mean can u say that? cehceh, I never meant to be braggy (nor bratty) but teacher Jami had always liked my papers. *haktuih! well, she said that I was one of her fave students. *puih puih! NERRRRDDDDDDDDD +__+  hahaha! please don't feel like stabbing me with a spanduk!

okay, honestly. wouldn't YOU feel flattered if your teacher said that to you? terharu nak mati kot *__* never'd expected it! ;D so I say,  alhamdulillah . barakallah ^^!

So, you would most probably wondering2 lah kan apa aku tulis dalam esei cincai aku tu. the truth is, when I'd caught the question paper right away (hehe,curik tengok!) I turned to see the essay questions. alaa, kan dy ada kasi option manyak2 dkt situ. Abstract essay ke, creative writing ke, factual essay, argumentative ke.. haa, dah masuk balik dah SPM aku ni =.= hehe, pardon me dear. so yeah. I sneaky-sneakily peeked and to my un-delight-fulness takde tajuk yg macam, erm, gila bapak best lah nak pilih and to write about. 

  Paling senang, was to choose either Abstract essay or Continuous writing. (korang yang dah ada pengalaman tahu lah kan what I'm crappin' about hehe :D) I never liked factual essays sbb mmg tak pernah amek kesa untuk cari fakta-fakta mengenai perkembangan dunia ni. haha, jk. not literally lah. I just malas nak fikir isi. *okay nak stop merepek dah ni, sorry again

Amaran awal/ Early warning:
If you reeealllllyyyyy wish to read the story I wrote about, silakan be my guest and scroll ke bawah and continue reading. but if u wish to not continue and bother about my silly yappings, then be happy to leave this page. thankyou.

From what I remember, the question went like this.
Write an essay with the title,

My Childhood Story
**Okay, I can't write exactly, copy&paste like how the one I'd written before but mcm ni jugaklah jalan cerita dy okay? **

   I was three years old when I remembered the day I was sent to a day-care home whilst my parents were busy working. (okay bukan day-care. mmg 24jam duduk situ pun!) My parents had no time for me and my sister Nadhirah, whom at that time was a year old. erm, pardon me. tsha tak igt lah how old I really was. haha! so ni, main hentam je.

   I could still remember that one particular day when I actually forgot how my mother looked like. Children could remember faces almost instantly, but they tend to forget just as easy. So, it was that jarang lah that I'd saw my parents due to their constantly-tight schedule. My father worked for the tourism board which lacked him all the more time he had at home. and on the other hand, my mother was just as up to her neck with her work....and stuff. *hehe, act. sampai sekarang I dont understand what it was my mother did. lol! Skype emoticons-31-angel

   After 3 years living in the state of Johor, (cehh, org JB dulu! ngehehe!) we moved to KL as my dad had gotten his promotion. weeee^^ and that's where my first school was. SK Ampang. haa, kalau ada mana2 readers malang yg tgh baca entry ni, tegur" lah eh. I'm ur ex-schoolmate!

   However, things didnt change much back in Ampang. Dad still had his outstations(mmg pggil outstation eh noun dy?) and mom was still busy as ever. From 7 till noon, I had school to go to but later everyday I was picked up from the school gates and sent to tadika mana entah *tak hengat nama dy because my sister was there. There were a lot of days where my mother picked us up late in the near evenings. yess, time semua budak tadika lain dah balik baru my mum jemput my sister and I. nasib baik cikgu tadika saya dulu tu baik hati orangnya. I guess she understood. may Allah bless her :)

Eh, I think I missed something lah!? pffttt! memang tertinggal pun. adoii waiting

   SEBELUM I entered primary, I was sent to a day-care home. yg ni mmg betul2 punya day-care eh. and here is where the main plot of the whole story to my essay takes place^^ hee. 
The so-called day-care home I was in was not one at all of which you call it; unlike every other daycare centers operated in KL. in fact, it was a child's worst nightmare. for someone who was only 3(or 4) years old, I could understand what was happening. I mean, I was old enough to understand lah the circumstances and stuff. anyway, back to the story.

   Daily, we were not at all treated with the best compliments from the makcik who "took care" of us. honestly, untill today I can't remember a single time I'd eaten dekat rumah tu. We were to sleep in the kitchen unlike the other two kids the makcik took care of. Dengan alas tuala sendiri, we did as told. We slept on the cold kitchen tiles, cramped, really the whole room. dapur dy lah maksudnya. and saya MASIH ingat how it looked like! never left my mind -.- it wasn't much fun lah for a 3 and 1-year-old because I felt pretty sad that the other kids dapat tidur dalam buaian yg henjut-henjut tu sad the worst part was, I felt sad for my little sister. she was merely 2.

   On the bright side, it was the makcik lah who indirectly taught me how to fold the laundry. I remember sitting down quietly, speechless really as always, watching her watch the tv. dan dari dy lah saya tahu macam mana nak lipat UNDERWEAR! panties and all those. hahhaahahahaha, bodo gila kan? tp betul la. kiranya u can say that I knew how to fold undies at the age of 3(or 4)! *bangga bangga!

  The climax of my essay reached once I got to the part when my sister was sick one day. I think she had a fever or something, tapi yang penting dy tak sihat la. demam panas kot -__- the makcik! (act,she was kinda old enough to be called NENEK!) was worst than Cruella De Vil that day. mmg aku ey ey,.. sabar je lah ya Tuhan. astaga :3 

   It was bath time. Kakngah, dulu referred as adik shook as in literally menggigil when I saw makcik! tu siram adik saya dengan air kolah. my sister was squating on the floor waktu makcik nenek tu jirus dy. I can't remember whether she cried or not, but one thing for sure; I cried just by looking. I felt completely and utterly hopeless kot. sumpah, kejam. I mean, air kolah tak sejuk kan!?! lepas tu, erm. tak ingat plak what happened after that.

   I didnt bother with telling mom any of the hell we went through as there was so much of it. and frankly speaking, tak ingat dah pun hehe. so one fine(never was) day, I came to know shocked, that my sister's head was bleeding. and tatau lah sbb tak igt or mmg tasha tatau but yeah. she'd cut her head. bukan cut as in potong kepala dy eh! maksudnya terluka lah. so I was like,

 wth? apadahal luka dekat KEPALA? how ma how?

   It was later on that I discovered that one of the other kids at our day-care-lah-sangat center tu threw a rock at my sis' head. barbieee! act, my mum cakap dy terhantok kepala. but either way, it was part of that other tuuuut's conspiracy. ceh, ayat bajet best je tasha ni! haha. back to the point, my sister was hurt.
 Mum retold the story of the day when she came to pick us up and came to see my sister dengan tak pakai baju nye, and it shocked her as hell jugaklah seeing her daughter's head bleeding!

mom: lagi ibu geram, pompuan tu tak cakap apa-apa pun dekat ibu! mana ibu tak naik hangin!

   It is until now that I remember that makcik's face. grey hair, curly. tinggi, kurus. well maybe dy nmpak tinggi sbb dulu aku pendek =.= haha! sumpah english and bm together tak best. ayat mcm hampeh! lol ^^
Anyway, I tak ingat bila I actually told my mom about this. naturally, she flipped! and never sent me there again, I guess it really was a huge thing for her. like a big rock landed on her head, knowing her only two daughters kena dera macam kambing dengan nenek tua. Dad however could still make fun of this, erm. past of mine. MEN. mmg mcm tu, haha. mom was so angry that dy tak bayar pun last last. tak contact, tak bagitahu apa" to inform that the nenek was never to see or hear from us again. padan muka! ish ish, tak baik lah tashaa =.= hehee.

   And lastly, this is how I really ended my essay; so that was my childhood story. how was yours?



Tyra Nylea said...

kak tyra igt mak cik tu tasha! mengong je... xtau la wujud lg ke x

shaaa said...

yeah? akk pun igt lagi eh? :( wuuu, ayh salu tnye whether nak visit dy ke tak. =.= apela ayh tuu hahaha

syariedasaharuddin said...

sha,ade nama syieda laa ats tu.*ceh ceh bangga ! hee.thanks tsha updated :)) thanks jugak kat Mr A coz bg tsha idea nk update ape ;))
mmg patut pun ckgu tsha tu nanges.sedih kot.ksian adek tsha.btw,essay yg best dear <3

arep zul said...

aku pena bace esei neh..
well aku kan orang-yang-selalu-suka-sibuk-nak-baca-essay-kau-tiap-kali-periksa..
amek kau kemaen agi pnjg :D

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