Tuesday, June 7

Hello tomorrow!

salam :) *please be informed that this entry was supposed to be posted about more than a week ago, tapi sebab keserabutan tahap gaban punya pasal nak daftar uni; i couldnt make it. tehehe-__-

wah wah! excited! psyched! hyped! lol, sorry. dah mcm tak betul pulak tasha ni. because, tomorrow

I'm officially a Uni student! ^^ 

haha, lillah hita'ala I never meant to brag or be boastful. sape yg tanak baca entry ini, sila blah :) pls don't criticize me. you'll only award yourself a closer front-seat to H$#! kan kan kan? tak paham sudah!

I dapat kenal2 dgn my future roommie, ms. O-pretty Aqsa. loll^^ she is, isnt she?


aqsa && ili, hee.

and what was even better was the fact that I met a few other bekas Semashurians :) my first impression/s:
mereka -----> friendly, chatterbox(es)

memang sesuai sgt lah dengan aku yg byk cakap mcm nenek ni kan :3 hehe. I had a blast guys. no wonder you all sayang gila baby nak mati your 7th Saviours tu. because I know I'd love them too! hee. mcm ayat nak ngorat plak aku ni? =.=

so, bila dah kenal kenal tu we took our time catching up (erm, dorang jela. aku dengar" aje) hehe. yes, semashur byk gossip hot! i pun bajet bajet tau then join the club lah kan. apa lagi? they too were sweethearts siap introduce lagi sape watak" dlm gosip tu so that i would understand the whole story. lol xD oh and not to forget, snaps were most definitely taken! ili la terbaik, nasib baik comel :)

aqsa, ili & hajar ^^

aqsa seem puny gilaa in this photo +.+

we're ex-classmates back in 2000. reunion tak terundang :P

camera: wajib dalam handbag!

yea yea, saya memang pendek. deal with it!

anyway, since this entry has been re-edited and bla bla bla so on so forth process yang lain, I can officially say now that

I have successfully completed MHS! weheew!
and had lotsa fun while at it :D :D

muka poyo + peliks saya. mintak maaf.
bila eh I patut merapik pasal MHS yang gila baby-awesome tu? hmm, when I have the time lah. currently, I terpaksa pinjam my roommie punya notebook since mine isn't present at the moment. booohooo, I know. dah la kat sini bawak electrical appliances kena charge tau. lappy Rm20! charger handphone Rm10. tahik hidong masin much tasha ni? suka hati kau lah nak cakap apa :3 dont give a sheet. hehe. 

till next time!...urh, when i have time that is :(

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