Thursday, May 19

lessons on how to be a gentleman

salam :)

  hello, sorray nak post lagi satu entry utk harini memandangkan dah lama jugak aku terkandas dekat alam "tiada-internet-sbb-wifi-jd-mereng" beberapa hari yg lepas hee :3 i find this page very interesting sbb really, what it says mmg betul. so GUYS, PLEASE BACA OKAY? or kalau girls, recommend lah dkt boyfie awak tu eh? it might do him some good ;D

oh and saya pilih mana" yg i think plg best. nak tgk yg lain2 sila klik sini. pstchhyeahh, i cilok post ni dari orang meyh. dont say i tak cakap awal2!

  1. When she says "I'm Fine", it never means she is
  2. If you can't think of a nice thing to say, you aren't thinking hard enough
  3. Don't promise to call when you know you won't
  4. Hold her hands, especially in front of your friends :)
  5. Don't be afraid to make the first move..and to keep making it.
  6. Saying whats on your mind is not the end of the world
  7. Always remind her she's beautiful. Especially when she least expects it!
  8. When she's upset, tuck that strand of hair behind her ear and wrap your arms around her. Until the tears have stopped and your shoulder's drenched :D
  9. Kissing her on the forehead is the sweetest thing in the world to a girl.
  10. A single hand-picked flower is wayyyy more thoughtful than two dozen store-bought roses! ^^
  11. Kiss her spontaneously in the middle of a sentence...ha, jgn nak gatal pulak pg cium sana sini! -.-
  12. Be careful with what u say, a girl remembers everything. all the tiny details *__*
  13. Love your mother.
  14. There is no such thing as being too romantic <3
  15. NEVER underestimate a girl's ability to figure things out. Lying won't help, kompem!
  16. If you leave without a reason, don't bother coming back with an excuse.
  17. NEVER IM if u can text; NEVER text if u can call; NEVER call if u can do it in person (:
  18. Handwritten love letters never go out of style ;D
  19. Treat your girl right, or another guy will. jangan risau -__-
  20. Always say goodnight with a kiss, not an argument.
p/s, this entry may or may not contain matters of which may or may not be appropriate to be done in public or in privacy. readers discretion is advised as  matters might as well be only rightful in the hands of those whom are joint with the string of marriage. 

:) sincerely, a Muslim blogger.

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