Tuesday, May 8

*Brace yourself, this'll be a long one*

Salam (:

    Normally, you would see millions of other bloggers writing on their pages,

"sorry, I haven't been updating my blog for so long...It's so berhabuk and bersawang...I know you all have been dying to read my posts and stuff, but I've been extra extra busy bla bla bla...."

Yeah, well. Guess what I won't be doing that. Because for one, I am not sorry :) 

It's been a month (or so) since I graduated my so-called "local A-level" (perasan kejap) a.k.a foundation studies a.k.a matriculation a.k.a you get the point. And no, I haven't satisfied myself with lying around the house doing nothing and sleeping and doing nothing again and, well to cut it short I've been wasting time these past weeks. But so far it's been great! 
When you've been pulun-ing yourself for almost-a-year with not sleeping at least one day a week, I'd say loitering around the house and being a sloth is a good reward for myself. And frankly, I think I have accepted the fact that my life from now on will be...er, nothing but working on projects and trying to ace my papers. I think. Nerd much? Yeah. 

I'd have to say my time at PASUM had been nothing but a ride which I had clearly enjoyed because
1) It's not school
2) It's better than school
3) I was free like a biiiiirrrrrrdddddddddd !
4) Friends were A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Enough said.
5) I can't find further description to how much I enjoyed it. 

For someone who finds living in a boarding school with their parents living across seas stressful, going to college was 

One reason would be the previous-two posts ago, an outing with friends -without parents(sorry mom if you're reading this hehe). Not because I felt rebellious or anything, but I finally felt adult enough to take care of myself without being chaperoned. Having all-female siblings, I guess to let me out was pretty hard on le parents. Or maybe they're afraid to see me so-called already grown up and all. Parents, they're just looking out for us you know.


My cousin wanted to ask me the other day something regarding college or matriculation and I couldn't really help her out and I still feel bad. Rational? 




 I won't be explaining this any further or else I'd have to write a novel. Pffsh, my long lost dream.

So dear readers (if there are any left out there),
Hello. Again.


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